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1. disable dataTable

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4. DataTable and the List value

5. Datatable issues.

Requirement: Want a data table which is scrollable and re-sizable columns. Should fit in the width of the panel group. But data table I am working on has issues with scrollable bar and re-sizable too(I know this issue of re-sizable and scrollable is being solved in jira) but this issues no one has yet discussed or not given proper solution: 1. ...

6. Refrescar datatable

Tendrias que volver a hacer una consulta de actualizacion a la base de datos para que el array contenga todas las entradas. Una cosa es aadir un nuevo objeto en el array y que ste aparezca en la dataTable. Otra es que el Bean por arte de magia adivine que hay registros nuevos en tu base de datos... Una posible solucion ...

7. ice:dataTable index starting with 1

8. How can I use with

I need to download file, but I have to search file in a database with code and again do download. I try to use , but I don't have ideia how to use this component with a List. How can I implement "Resource" class to use a List file and put in a dataTable. Thank you very much.

9. problem in getRowData from datatable

I want to get selected row data from ice:datatable ? Here is me code , please give me your suggestion to get selected row data using rowselector public void rowSelectionListener(RowSelectorEvent event) { HtmlDataTable dataTable = (HtmlDataTable) event.getSource(); dataTable.setRowIndex(event.getRow()); TableBean tblobject= (TableBean)dataTable.getRowData(); System.out.println(tblobject); } if i ...

10. ice:dataTable improvements and questions

It would be nice if the ICEfaces datatable had functionality currently present in the MyFaces Tomahawk extended dataTable, especially auto sortable tables and rowStyleClass (to have value bindings to CSS styles)... BTW, what is the best way to deal emulate a dynamic rowClass (i.e. since ice:dataTable doesn't currently have rowStyleClass, how should we do this right now?) Also, what is the ...

11. ReRender a dataTable component

I have a problem when I did a upload using component, because my DataTable is not update with new file, but when I do another thing in my screen the file show in dataTable. This problem only occurs in the first upload. I think to resolve this problem, re-render a dataTable component, but I don't know how can i do ...

12. Handling huge data in dataTable

Hi guys, I already stumbled across a few posts in this forum where some very similar challenges where considered. Unfortunately I couldn't find any considerable solution(s). The customer demands an editable / sortable table without pagination (so that's no point to discuss at the moment). So we need to display up to a thousand records in a scrollable table (at least ...

15. ice:datatable calling callback method too many times.

we are using ice:datatable in our application. some thing like this.

16. unique id for each cell of datatable

17. datatable

19. Editable Datatable - Icefaces 2.0

Please, I'm doing a editable datatable dinamically and i need select a row in datable and update this row, i have htmlinputext in the datatable I'm using icefaces 2.0 beta 1 and netbeans 6.9. Code: -------------------------------------------- Pag.xhtml -------------------------------------------- ... ... -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- ... @ManagedBean(name="prueba") @RequestScoped public class Prueba { private CachedRowSetImpl lcrs_1; public HtmlDataTable dataTableComponent = ...

20. Display xml data on a datatable

21. entries not being shown in datatable!

22. strange behaviour in ice:datatable

23. datatable how height

24. sortable ice:dataTable

25. Doubt about data design for datatable

26. Nested datatable

28. add a dropList in DataTable cell

29. Datatable multiselect standards?

Our app includes dataTables with your enhanced multi-select mechanism enabled. I am getting complaints from some testers and managers claiming that the selection mechanism is "non-standard" and confusing. Can you enlighten me as to the rationale behind your particular implementation and tell me which standards your mechanism is or is not in compliance with? More info... Using ICEfaces 1.8.2 I wonder ...

32. Multiple dataTables on one page (List of Lists)

I have an interesting predicament where I need to iterate a list of lists on the page and for each sub list, display a dataTable. When I try and iterate the list via ui:repeat and then create a dataTable for each of my sublists, a new dataTable is not created for each one. It seems to lump the data for each ...

34. how to get index value of datatable

35. Editable field of ice:dataTable

36. Problem with Datatable

37. How to use Rules in dataTable?

The tag usage in dataTable says the following. What is "Code"? Can you please provide some examples? I am wondering if I can put some javascripts there so that when I choose a value from a RichDataListColumn, it will trigger something to happen in another column? Can you please provide some examples, thanks. --------------------- Code specifying which rules will appear between ...

38. selectBoleanCheckbox within dataTable

39. Major problems with ice:dataTable

Hello, I have upgraded to IceFaces 2 and ever sincer i had a ton of problems. My most recent one is with a ice:dataTable and it's strange behaviour. Description of the problem: I have in a form an selectOneMenu with partialSubmit=true, and in another form a ice:dataTable with no binding. When i change the value in the selectOneMenu and the valueChangeListener ...

40. Edit dataTable

41. ice:dataTable + converter

I'm using ice:dataTable which has let's say column like this : The problem is that onblur all cells in that column are firing getAsObject converter function ? How to call getAsObject just for speceific cell when data is entered ?

42. Complex output

43. Editable dataTable

44. DataTable

45. DataTable

I am using dataTable. Even with ice:rowSelector multiple="false", I can select more than one row. I have found how it happened but I don't know the solution. I have a page with person list which is in a dataTable. If I select one person and click the Edit button, my application goes to edit page. After editing when I click on ...

48. dataTable does not work with LinkedHashSet?

I attached an object of type LinkedHashSet to a dataTable. The object is a collection of objects of a certain type with several properties. When I try to use LinkedHashSet object in a page with dataTable, it gives an error telling me it can't get the properties for the object that iterates within the collection. The dataTable does not work with ...

49. selectOneBox within dataTable

50. Nested DataTables

51. How to force datatable redraw

Hopefully this is a simple one. I have a datatable with checkboxes tied to a selected property in my object. In the header if the table, I put a selectBooleanCheckbox. If you check that box, it should "select all". So I implemented the setter for the selectBooleanCheckbox to loop through the entire list of elements and set the selected property. When ...

52. dataTable problem

tgarijo Joined: 15/11/2006 00:00:00 Messages: 7 Offline Hello to all. I have a problem that not to be solved. When I gain access to the page so that the table appears type Informe de Excepcin excepcin javax.servlet.ServletException: Can't parse stream for /Logic/listavailability.jsp Failed to execute JSP lifecycle. com.icesoft.faces.webapp.xmlhttp.PersistentFacesServlet.service( javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( causa raz javax.faces.FacesException: Can't parse stream for /Logic/listavailability.jsp Failed to execute JSP ...

53. CRUID DataTable

Hi guys! Does anyone know how to make such thing like AJAX CRUID DataTable using ICEfaces? Short description of it: From first view it looks like general DataTable. For example, we have a list of news items. Each item has id, title, content, audience, startDate, endDate. DataTable consist of "id", "title", "edit", "delete" columns. There is also "create news item" button ...

55. vertical datatable

57. how to manage different id for each datatable item

Hi, I have a datatable with HtmlCommandButton items. This datatable is created dynamically in this manner: As you ...

58. I am not able to reference an item inside a datatable

Hi, my problem is that I have a datatable which is generated dynamically in this manner: ...

59. DataTable sorting not working

Hi, I am trying to test the integration of JSF into an existing servlet/JSP application. Typically links in our application go to a servlet, which performs authorization before redirecting to a JSP page. In my test I'm substituting a very simple JSF page instead. The JSF page is a simple sortable dataTable with dataPaginator. I can render the dataTable, but, when ...

60. DataTable updates

61. DataTable Pivot

62. Reset to first page of datatable

My application has links that filters the rows displayed in my paginated dataTable. If the user has navigated off of first page of data and then clicks on of these filter links, it's possible that the # of rows returned to be displayed in the dataTable is less than 1 page. Is there a way that I can set the current ...

63. background color of a datatable

64. Datatable not working

65. DataTable inside DataTable?

Hello, I need to display one, or more than one value in the cell of a table. Markup looks something like this: . . . So, in the backing bean there is ...

66. building problem with dynamic dataTable

private void initTable() { // Set rows. This is a stub example, just do your dynamic thing. String[] row1 = { "ID1", "Name1", "Value1" }; String[] row2 = { "ID2", "Name2", "Value2" }; String[] row3 = { "ID3", "Name3", "Value3" }; // Convert rows to List and set the List. myList = new ArrayList(); myList.add(Arrays.asList(row1)); myList.add(Arrays.asList(row2)); myList.add(Arrays.asList(row3)); rowModel = new ListDataModel(myList); ...

67. Problems with DataTable

68. Datatable not updating

70. DataTable Update Problem

71. dataTable not behave in 1.6.1

74. JTable and DataTable

Hi, a JTable's model is not compatible with a HtmlDataTable's model. You would have to make sure that the underlying dataModel of your table is derived from javax.faces.model.DataModel if you want to write a customized model implementation. Why would you need to do that? Wouldn't it be possible to just use the existing ways of JSF to populate your model data? ...

75. DataTable

This would be pretty hard to do with a straight dataTable component. It might be possible to use three tables and ton of CSS to get it working but I can't recommend this approach. You might consider using a regular HTML tags and use a Facelets iterator to build the table and ultimately a custom Facelets based component. This approach would ...

76. how can i use a hashset with the

You can't use Sets with dataTables. The basic problem with a set is that it is not indexable like a list or array. As an example, the dataTable component's "first" and "rows" attributes allow the table to only display a small portion of the total data set at a time. Implementing this functionality in for a Set would be very inefficient. ...

77. Dynamic Datatable problem

78. Creating of datatable from backing bean

Hi all, i want to create the data table from backing bean. i am trying to write the following code, but not success... public HtmlDataTable getMyTable() { myTable = new HtmlDataTable(); myTable.setStyle("width:100%;padding:3px;cellspacing:0px"); //myTable.setValue("dataSortList.sortedPersons"); myTable.setRendered(true); String valueBindingForTable="#{dataSortList.sortedPersons}"; ValueBinding valForTable=application.createValueBinding(valueBindingForTable); myTable.setValueBinding("value", valForTable); myTable.setVar("person"); myTable.setStyleClass("dataScrollerTable"); myTable.setColumnClasses("firstCol,lastCol,phoneCol,emailCol"); myTable.setRows(5); myTable.setSortAscending(true); UIColumns columnForSelect = createColumnForSelect(); myTable.getChildren().add(columnForSelect); return myTable; } private UIColumns createColumnForSelect() { // log.debug("Creating Column For ...

79. ice:dataTable scrollHeight issue

I have an issue with scrollHeight attribute. The ice:dataTable located on a first tab of three tabs. When table gets rendered for first time it's height is very small and doesn't equal to the height specified in scrollHeight attribute. This behavior is very similar when Scrollable attribute is false. However, if user navigates to the second tab and comes back to ...

80. ice:dataTable scrollHeight issue

81. Problem with datatable

82. dataTable stops responding

Hello, I'm trying to create an ice dataTable with expandable rows modeled on the examples in the component showcase and the Auction Monitor app. I've got a column with an image and command link that calls into my bean class to provide additional row data for the table. It works, but only once. I can click on the expand image, and ...

83. fixed dataTable size?

85. Slow dataTable

Hi, I'm using a dataTable to show the results of a database query which can be over 300 rows. The problem is that when I submit a query that results in so many rows, the browser says that the script has stopped responding. If you allow the script to continue it eventually shows the data. I have checked the speed of ...

86. cellspacing is always 0 in dataTable

87. Datatable Sorting

sarulsenthil Joined: 23/09/2007 00:00:00 Messages: 15 Offline I am trying to implement the server side sorting for the dynamic datatable, everytime the bean is initialized, it requires clicking twice.I am sorting default by descending.Arrow shows ascending but the data is sorted descending.The scope of my backing bean is request.The datatable is on the tab on the tabset container.Here is the snippet, ...

89. How to show data in ice:dataTable

Hi, I am facing problem in showing value of object's (Obj) attribute which is List in itself, in the dataTable. My ice:dataTable is mapped to the List (containing objects (Obj)) and i have to show the value of object's (Obj) attribute which is List. Actually I am not able to get that how to iterate the attribute which is of type ...

90. findComponent in Datatable

91. CheckBoxs in dataTable

93. Select cell in dataTable

94. DataTable Selection

95. dataTable

96. DataTable in edit mode

Hello philip Please help me. i am trying this for a weeks I am trying to create a dynamic datable in edit mode. The information display good, but when I edit the information the message test for edit" doesnt print This is de Backing bean: public class Page2 extends AbstractPageBean { HtmlDataTable dtb_simple; private HtmlInputText westText = null; public UIColumn column1; ...

97. dataTable border not disappearing

99. DataTable with huge numbers of items

Hi All, I have a quite large datatable (500 rows X 10 columns). The datatable is set up as scrollable. Items can be dynamic changes (some rows can be deleted, some updated and also can appear new items). Is there any way to control the position of scrollbar? Is there any way to rerender only one row in datatable? Rerender whole ...

100. dataTable help

I'm new in JSF and I'm using icefaces 1.7 with tomcat server 6 I have a CVS file that content a table and I wanna to display this table and the problem that I can't make a generic table with a pretty view like icefaces examples and separation between columns and rows this is my running code and I wanna to ...