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2. Delayed effects    icefaces.org

I've been looking around in the forums to see if this has already been addressed but so far I haven't found anything. So here goes: I have an ICEFaces portlet (Liferay 5.1.1) that has a particular rendering behavior that I need some help with. The behavior is that upon the first DOM update, the newly rendered element(s) appears first and the ...

4. Custom Effects    icefaces.org

Hi, I'm trying to modify the Highlight effect. What I basically want is when a user's mouse moves over a component (text) the Highlight effect must trigger but from the original color to the specified color and when the user moves the mouse off a component the Highlight effect must trigger again only from the new color to the original color. ...

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6. Firing a ServerSide method on Effect triggered at client    icefaces.org

Hi, I'm trying to get an action in my java code to fire when the user double clicks an the ice:PanelGroup. The easiest way seems to me to be to create an effect which does a submit afterwards and to add that to the PanelGroup. Now, the effect is called correctly, and the page is indeed submitted, but, how do I ...

7. effects on an item removed from a list    icefaces.org

i have an app that renders a list of objects*. users can add to or remove from the list. i'd like to use an effect when an item is removed from the list. Fade for example. the problem is, if i set a new Effect when i get the action that removes the object, it doesn't get rendered because as soon ...

8. How to propagate the effects on all items of the page???    icefaces.org

I have a selectInputText, with an associated valuechangelistener and each time an effect that changes the text. I applied an effect also to the graphic input text, but does not work. Also doing so does not work even more the effect on the select, but rather is applied sull'input. Can you help me?

9. Same effect on several components    icefaces.org

Hi, in my application i have an add button which adds a new PanelGroup to my application's main content container. This is done in pure Java, eg. What i want is that this new penelGroup gets an Highlight effect when created/added to give the user an notification of its presence //actionHandler mainContainer.getChildren().add(new ItemPanel); getAddBean.executeAddEffect(); Im able to set the effect with ...

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13. Issue with Effects    icefaces.org

Am using EffectQueue in . The EffectsQueue contains fade and Appear effects. I want to change the text of the outputtext once the effect is over and repeat the same effect again. I tried with submit attribute in effect but nothing happens( that is the getter method of outputtext nor the getter method of effectqueue is called). Thanks in advance.

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17. Effects are really buggy.    icefaces.org

Hey guys I'm using firefox and chrome and I really wanted to do some effects in my application. The only problem is they are really buggy if you fire them more than once at a time. Go here and then to the effects tab. http://component-showcase.icefaces.org/component-showcase/showcase.iface Now double click the slide button or the blind button. Basically if you click it again ...

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25. How can i run two effects?    icefaces.org

Hi all, Rob Mayhew help me to construct a Bean that to run the effects BlindUp and BlindDown of the Script.aculo.us. But now i need help for run that two effects with one click. For example: public class EffectBean{ private Effect effect; public Effect getEffect(){ return effect; } public void setEffect(Effect e){ effect = e; } public String show(){ effect = ...

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28. Effect seems to cause page to reload without running my javascript    icefaces.org

I have created a slideDown toolbar for an application that I am working on. The application layout is determined dynamically using javascript to support users with different screen resolutions. Screen real estate is very important for this application. When I use the menuBar and click on the toolbar option I created it calls a method on a backing bean and implements ...

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36. congratulations to the 1.6-release & thanks for the new effect-component ...aah ....and the eps ;-)    icefaces.org

hello, first of all, we experienced a smooth transition to icefaces 1.6.0 - at least up to now ;-) ...the only issue of course is the slightly joyless update of some of our custom styleclasses. Some testing on the effects from the integrated eps-ajax-bridge and the many other new features will follow... So, congratulations to the staff-members of this release and ...

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private Effect effect; private boolean mode; public boolean isMode() { return mode; } public void setMode(boolean mode) { this.mode = mode; } public Effect getEffect() { return effect; } public void setEffect(Effect effect) { this.effect = effect; } public String getLinkName(){ String message = mode ? "hide" : "show"; return message; } public void linkAction(ActionEvent event){ effect = mode ? new ...

47. server-initiated effects    icefaces.org

Hi. I'm using an OnDemandRenderer for some server-initiated rendering. Thereby a new effect is ghenerated and applied to a graphicImage, but this effect never takes place. I checked the AuctionMonitor Demo which is doing a similar thing on pushing bids to users. I found the Effect.setFired method there, which indicates if an effect was still fired and should be rendered through ...

48. 1.7     icefaces.org

49. Multiple Effects in the backing bean    icefaces.org

Hey, I have a ice:datatable and ice:selectOneRadio controlling the content to it. What I am trying to do is once a radio button is selected, I want to use scriptaculous in the backing bean to slide up the table, then render the table with the new information and then slide the table back down. I have looked at the Effect class ...

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