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1. ICEFaces inputFile getting the file content without upload

Is there any way of just getting the content of the browsed file without any upload/file transfer operations? I currently use ICEFaces inputFile component but I do not need the default ...

2. Icefaces: Bulk File upload?

I have a question regarding bulk uploading with icefaces. Currently I can upload one file at a time, ice:inputFile, but from a user point of view this isn't of much use. Is ...

3. How do you choose the filename of an uploaded file in ICEfaces?

How do you choose the filename of an uploaded file in ICEfaces with an ice:inputFile? The reason I want to do this is so that the user can upload multiple files ...

4. parsing uploaded file with FileEntryCallback

following is declaration of FileEntryCallback:

/* Notification for upload handler when a file begins uploading.
 * fileInfo - information known about the file, before downloading the contents */
public void begin(FileEntryResults.FileInfo fileInfo);

/* We're ...

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7. File upload in synchronous mode

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9. Uploading multiple files Component.

11. file upload and rendering

12. Tomcat deadlock after "File Upload" component usage in 1.7.2-SP1

EventListener Joined: 31/10/2008 00:00:00 Messages: 7 Offline Hi, guru! I currently have a deadlock after "File Upload" component usage. If I use example code for File Upload from icefaces site or component-showcase.war as is, then after 1-st file has been uploaded Tomcat is locked and can't successfully shutdown by shutdown.bat. This is my configuration: Intel Quad Q6600 Windows Vista x64 JDK ...

14. twise or more patch for upload files

15. Problem with Upload File

Hi all, I'm using a jspx file into my webapp for my upload service. In my jspx file I use a ice:inputFile tag for uploading and in web.xml I configure the uploadServlet. It did work until I updated yesterday firefox to 3.0.7 version and now an upload button in my jspx doesn't work anymore. What can I do? Can you help ...

16. File-Upload

17. File upload does not work any more

19. cannot display the status in the page when upload file using inputfile(1.8.0)

Hi. In the version 1.7.2, I set submitOnUpload="postUpload" for the inputfile component, If I add facesMessage to the current context, This message can display in the page, but is failed in the version 1.8.0, We need to set com.icesoft.faces.synchronousUpdate = true, cannot set = false; Does anybody know how to get the status when do upload the file in synchronous mode? ...

20. canceling file upload

21. inputFile component disappears after a file upload

I'm also having the same issue concerning the file upload component. If i put an actionExpression on the component itself, the page requires a manual refresh before the data is displayed and the before the component shows again. If i upload the file, then click ANOTHER button on the page to parse the file, the data shows up fine. This is ...

25. Large File upload with inputFile

26. upload file

27. inputFile upload question about moving files outside webapp

Hi all, I need your help, because I run out of ideas. Maybe this is a more general JSF question but as icefaces is my implementation of choice and as I like this forum's knowledge, I hope my questions is right placed here. So what I am working on is an application where the user can upload photos. (done by ice:inputFile). ...

29. InputFile component becomes unresponsive when uploading large files

For InputFile component, the default max file size is 10mb. When a file greater than 10 mb is uploaded, the appropriate message is displayed. This works fine as long as the file size is relatively small. If someone tries to upload a very large file (ie, 850mb), the error message is displayed immediately, but the file continues to upload and the ...

30. Input File without upload

i am not sure if this component would let you upload just taking the file info without uploading the file but imagine that it does not... in that case you can upload the file, get the info you need in your case the path and immediately you get it then delete the file...

32. file upload problem

33. [1.0.1] file upload component problem

Hi, I was trying to use the file upload component based on the component showcase example in 1.0.1 release. I have attached the file. I am not able to see the file upload component. In that component place, I see the following text: "HTTP Status 404 - //uploadHtml -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- type Status report message //uploadHtml description The requested resource (/

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35. Is there a way to upload a file to a server without saving it on disk?

Hi all... I've started using IceFaces this week, and after so much searching on Google, i still have a question: Is there a way to upload a file to a server without saving it on disk? I'm asking this because i need to upload text files that have to be processed on the fly through InputStream, instead of being stored (FileEntry ...

36. Multiple File upload at single shot

Hi, My requirement is to upload four files at a time. so i shud have four inputFile with one upload button. the problems i am facing are: 1. When i use autoUpload="false" upload button is shown four times. 2. When i try to override upload button style=" display:none" then no upload buttons are visible. So i have written ...

37. ICEFaces 2.0 File Upload problem

40. File upload clarification

41. Upload a file -> Render another form

Hi, maybe the subject sounds a little bit strange but here's what I mean. I use the ice:inputFile component in an ice:popupPanel. So I have a button which shows up the panel, the user chooses a file and sends it to the server. That's fine. Above the ice:inputFile the user should see all uploaded files matching a certain criteria. Therefore I've ...

42. File Upload

43. File Upload cancel

Hi, does anyone known how to cancel process of uploading file? Will uploading be canceled if I go to other page? And another question - is it right when in actionListener of inputFile I recive InputFile.UPLOADING status when I don't select any file? In documentation is written that the status should be InputFile.INVALID. I'm using 1.5.3 on Weblogic 8.1SP3 D?bek

44. File Upload Component

46. inputFile can't upload files shorter than 45 bytes

Using icefaces 1.6.1, jsf 1.2, jboss 4.2 (no seam) There seems to be a bug in apache file upload 1.2 which causes files which are 44 bytes or less to not be uploaded. 44 bytes is the length of the delimiter between parts of the multi-part stream. It seems that if the contents of the file is less than the size ...

47. Customizing file upload component?

48. Aditional info when uploading files

Hi there! What I want to accomplish is to allow the user to "attach" files to the current folder. That is, the user is going to have an inputFile control to browse for a file and upload it. The problem (if there is one) is that inputFile is rendered as a completely separated iframe + form and I was thinking to ...

49. upload file validation

50. filename of file from upload component

Hi, I have file upload component, the problem is that it uploads file and stores it on server with filename equals to full path to this file that was used on clint side, for example: I upload file from my desktop: C:\Users\Rozana\Desktop\9333390.jpg and when file uploaded to server, it's stored with filename: C:\Users\Rozana\Desktop\9333390.jpg Why? How can I fix this? Thanks, Rozana ...

51. Unwanted Border/Frame Around File Upload

I found that iceFaces is creating an iframe around the controls for file load. I have been unable to find a way to turn off the border on the iframe using stylesheets. It seems that iframe borders are set off with an attribute of frameborder="0", but since I am not in control of the iframe I am not in control of ...

52. InputFile (File-Upload) component resets other components

Dear friends, I have a bug with the InputFile (File-Upload) component of ice-faces, that it resets other components in the form to their defaults, upon upload action. I have seen this issue in the JIRA [], and it says it is fixed in some release, but it is not working for me, with versions 1.6.2 and 1.7.0-RC1. In my form, I ...

55. Need new feature : upload multiple files at a time

Hello, I think that is a good idea! I would like to see a component that would render multiple browse buttons but then display only one upload button. Is that what you were thinking of? It would probably be a good idea to add an entry to JIRA with the requirements you would like. Please let me know once you have ...

58. Is the file upload component serializable?

I am asking this question on behalf of a colleague. She is trying to implement the file upload component, but seeing the following stack trace when deploying (the environment is Glassfish v2). I am told that the InputFileController is implementing Serializable. Grateful for any insight into this issue. Thanks ..\Wendy Cannot serialize session attribute inputFileController for session 69071e31d9dd6830f907d5e6ffd4 com.icesoft.faces.context.BridgeFacesContext at ...

59. file upload

60. file upload

61. file upload

please I am getting the following errors when I click on the upload button on file upload StandardWrapperValve[uploadServlet]: PWC1406: Servlet.service() for servlet uploadServlet threw exception java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.commons.fileupload.servlet.ServletFileUpload.setFileSizeMax(J)V at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.http.core.UploadServer.service( at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.http.common.standard.PathDispatcherServer$Matcher.serviceOnMatch( at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.http.common.standard.PathDispatcherServer.service( at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.http.servlet.GlassFishAdaptingServlet.service( at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.http.servlet.EnvironmentAdaptingServlet.service( at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.http.servlet.MainSessionBoundServlet.service( at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.http.servlet.SessionDispatcher.service( at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.http.servlet.PathDispatcher$Matcher.serviceOnMatch( at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.http.servlet.PathDispatcher.service( at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.http.servlet.MainServlet.service( at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service( at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.xmlhttp.BlockingServlet.service( at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.servletService( at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.internalDoFilter( at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.doFilter( at org.netbeans.modules.web.monitor.server.MonitorFilter.doFilter( at org.apache.catalina.core.ApplicationFilterChain.internalDoFilter( ...

63. File Upload (InputFile) - Is there a pre-upload method that can be accessed?

When the user browses and selects a file, then pushes upload, the upload begins and the action listener is not called until the upload is finished. However, I have a situation where I need to check some other parameters for validity before I can accept the upload. Is there any application accessable method that gets called before the upload begins? I ...

65. Help css: upload of file in a popup