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1. How to get Lat/Long for GMap

This might be a naive question but I just could not figure out how can I get Lat Longs of a marker if I have addresses. Which means I have list of different City names and I want to get their Lat Longs so I can use Point class and add it to a marker. Also is there a way to ...

3. component suite gmap in liferay 5.1.1

WinXP, Glassfish V2, Liferay 5.1.1 I downloaded and installed gmap portlet (ICEfaces-1.7.2-SP1-src) in liferay running on glassfish and I am running into one problem. Gmap does not load align centered inside my portlet. However when I click on the "look and feel" icon to pop up window to style portlet then gmap is automatically aligned central. Resizing ie window also automatically ...

4. gmap in component suite

6. Gmap: Moving marker every interval

I'm trying to push a moving marker from the server to the client, but from what i'm seeing through Gmap of Icefaces, i'm not too sure if this is possible. What i'm trying to do is, the server will push latitudes and longitudes every 15 seconds (example) to the client. Is this possible?

7. Gmap: Moving marker every interval

9. Multiple Addresses with ice:gMap

10. Refresh gMap Component

Hello, Im working on an application which contains a GMap component. The markers shown in the map are provided by a KML file stored in a bean property and linked to the tag GMapGeoXML. This works properly. However I have a problem trying to implement a SelectOneMenu listing several KML files. The idea is provide to the user a way to ...

11. Plot points in Gmap Component

Hello all, I'm with a problem. I have an addresses list of the some locations (ie I don't have latitude and longitude). I need to plot all these points in the same Gmap Component. The Gmap Component has the attribute address but this doesn't allow List. Does anyone have an idea about how I can do that? I tried to use ...

12. gMap and Reverse Geo Coding

13. gmap markers

14. Need a browser refresh to show gMap correctly

Hi, I'm working with Liferay 5.2.3 and Icefaces 1.8 . I have a portlet with a ice:gMap. When I start my Tomcat and browser is shown the first time, my gMap is not loaded properly, I see a blank space, so I need to REFRESH the browser and gMap will work. Any ideas to resolve this problem? thanks.

16. Need a browser refresh to show gMap in liferay

Hi I have a problem with gMap component. I use it in a portlet. When i start Tomcat and run the browser, the first time I try to access to map I can't see anything. Map isn't shown. Then I need to refresh the browser and it will work. Anybody can help me? Please it's very important to me. Thanks.

17. Cannot manipulate zoomLevel attribute of ice:gMap

Actually I'm trying to set dynamically the zoomLevel attribute of ice:gMap component through a zoomLevel="#{bean.zoom}" but it works only the first time I start my application, then it will never assume value calculated in the backing bean. Methods getZoom and setZoom, after the first time, aren't called anymore. I can move up and down tick for zoom in the map, for ...

18. Problem with menubar and gmap

19. Gmap problems

Hi. I have some problems using google maps components: I need to add some events in a gmap element. I need add information to a display marker to discriminate markers. I want to do some action on click over a marker. I need to permit drag and drop markers. I'm looking and I don't find any help. Thanks in advance.

20. gmap Direction

21. GMap Marker Color

22. GMap Component Events?

23. GMap not locating latitide & logitude

Hi, I am using icefaces 1.6.2 lib for our project and want to place GMap in one of our popup for locating address and latitude/logitude. It's working fine if i put address and set locateAddress to true but the problem is with marker latitude/logitude. It marks latitude/logitude in the map but does not locate it as it does for address. A ...

24. Problem with gMap component

25. Is there GMapInfo component for gMap

26. Change Size of Gmap

27. GMap

28. Problem wit GMap

I posted this in General Help a while back and got no response. Using NetBeans 6.0, ICEfaces 1.7.0 on Windows XP I'm trying to create a Google map component by following the example in the component suite demos at. I copied the GmapBean from the demo into my project and I get a "canot find symbol" error for GMapLatLng(String, String). ...