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1. JSF component doesn't update if changes came from grid click

I have a JSF/IceFaces application where there is a screen divided into 3 sections. Search fields, a grid and some details fields below. Currently if I enter some data into the ...

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5. Refreshing Editable Grid

I'm using the rendered attribute to create an editable grid. I have an ice:selectOneMenu that has a valuechangelistener that toggles between view and edit modes. This ice:selectOneMenu sits outside the grid and has its partialSubmit equal to true. When I toggle from view to edit mode, for some reason the old data in the grid is being populated in the grid. ...

7. Defining my own panel grid renderer

Hello pandoo I am considering on writing a personalized renderer for my application regarding accessiblity. The idea is I hv a link on a every-page (i.e a result-page with a tree) and when it is clicked the result page is rendered with a dataTable instead?? The idea also that when the link is clicked i will find myself in an accessiblity ...

8. Help grid big-database

9. sliderEntry snap to grid

Yah - what I did now is the following: 1. I used jQuery UI's slider (which can snap to grid). 2. I created a hidden InputText. On slide change I update the InputText's value by JavaScript, and then I let it "blur", s.t. the partial submit is being done. By that the corresponding bean can be updated in the background. Of ...

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