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2. Icepack run loading test(Jmeter) in the portlet(liferay)

As icepack loading test, i have followed the Logout sample script inside the icepack folder( icepack\loadtest\jmeter\scripts\Step Four Logout.jmx) and create our own jmeter loading test. Environment: liferay5.1.2 icefaces 1.8 i have configure all the required parameters and things as the same as sample script. happened case:But when i run jmeter loading navigate from one page to another page with icefaces rendering, ...

3. ICEPack Basic Project Template???

In the wiki it has the following details... This project is a Dynamic Web Project --> ICEfaces facelets Project. It is available in the ICEpack download bundle at [install-dir]/icepack/project-templates/ICEfacesEclipseTemplate. Is this supposed to use the template by default or is their another process for copying the template files to the new project? Thanks :)