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I've come over an odd problem using ICEFaces inputFile component. Whenever user uploads a file, a new entry is added in browser's history. When I click browser Back button or use JavaScript ...

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The environment consists of Icefaces 1.8 and Weblogic 10.3 . The issue I am experiencing is I need to update the src attribute of an iframe within my application. ...

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Hi, I would like to load a inner HTML-page from a bean-property (String). The problem is that this page has its own stylesheet, so that the outer page-stylesheet manipultes the inner, at the moment. I have tested it with an iframe but I get in trouble with reloading the iframe, so a iframe doesn't work. The only thing that works is ...

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Hello, I want to have an embedded iframe component in my icefaces page and keep this iframe open. But I have the problem that the iframe is reloaded on every SessionRenderer.render() call. How could I avoid the refresh of this page part? I found some posts about this problem, but none of the hints (for example embedding the dynamic parts in ...

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Hello everybody, first congrats to ice faces. We're using ADF Faces atm but some of the components are quite impressive, so I'll take a closer look the next few weeks ^_^ I love those pop-ups, really :-) I noticed an interesting glitch in ice faces that happens only in internet explorer and only if the ice faces site is displayed in ...

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Hi, I have a modal pop-up that is giving me issues. When I call my button that closes the popup, the pop-up goes away, but the 50% black iframe that ICEfaces injects to create that shaded overlay is not removed. So after I close the pop-up, the pop-up does go away, but the entire screen is grayed out due to the ...

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Hi I have a main page with ICE componets, handling the layout with an ice:panelBorder. The central panel has an iframe which loads a page located inside the same application, a jspx page with ICE componets. This framed page loses its styles when it is displayed in the browser, but is full operational. Both pages (the main page and the framed ...

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I am building a UI for an application that requires the navigation to remain in one place while the user can scroll through the actual content in a different section on the screen. The navigation area uses panelCollapsibles and I am using an iframe for the page content. When I use these two together, my panelCollapsibles do not expand or contract; ...

31. Visibility problem with iframe wrapped file input control    icefaces.org

Hello Icefaces forum dwellers, I have an icefaces application which contains a fileupload control. Of course this is rendered in an autogenerated iframe in icefaces (see below). The problem I have is that I can't see this iframe, specifically the input file box within it, via jwebunit (which we are using for web testign). This is because the control has no ...

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Hello We have to use iframe's in icefaces aplication. Situation looks like that: First include:

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Hi everybody, if I put the inputFile component on my website it's rendered in an transparent IFRAME. The problem is that now the IFRAME has the background set to the background picture of my website (defined in CSS). The IFRAME lies four divs deep from the body (

. How can I force the IFRAME to stay transparent but to show the ...

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