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1. IntervalRenderer call

Hi, I'm using netbeans visual jsf and icefaces. Is there a method to call after each IntervalRenderer render() call has been performed? (the prerender() method is not called!!) I need this method to insert the logic to init and refresh the CachedRowSetDataProvider to which are bound the data of my page. Any suggestion? Thanx in advance, Remo

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8. problem with IntervalRenderer

Hi, I am using icefaces for sampling live event. The live event works fine. But when I move away from the live event page to some other page where certain buttons are controlled by request scope parameters the browser sends a polling request and the request values are lost. How can I control this? Regards, Anand.N

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13. Two pages referencing bean with IntervalRenderer -- One not updating

Hi. I have a bean that has an IntervalRenderer, which is updating the page every several seconds as data changes. This is working great. The page updates fine. I created a second page that references the same bean. It contains mostly the same data with some difference in layout and style. It appears that when I open both pages at the ...

14. about intervalRenderer in ajax push

nirmala_86 Joined: 14/07/2008 00:00:00 Messages: 21 Offline this is my jsp page Ajax push ...

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