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i've successfully run a based FORM authentication project and trying to do the same with an icefaces project. In other terms i want to use ice:form instead of form, so i ...

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hello everyone, i've successfuly performed a Form authentication in a jsf project, but i didn't manage to do the same with an icefaces project. I've downloaded the jbosswithjaas solution from this forum. To be honnest i need some farther explanations if you guys don't mind: what are the .faces-config.mex, html_basic.tld and jsf_core.tld files for?

7. JAAS login configuration on JBoss    icefaces.org

Hi, JAAS is supported with ICEfaces for client-initiated requests and rendering. The renderedOnUserRole and visibleOnUserRole attributes can be set on ICEfaces components with a coma-delimited security role values. eg. This will allow you to implement fine-grained security at the component level in an ICEfaces application. For server-initiated rendering, we support Acegi security. Thanks, Philip

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I want to use with my application JAAS security, but after configuring it component tag renderedOnUserRole and isUserInRole from ExternalContext always returns false. Also there is no Principal object in ExternalContext. I configure application to use only synchronous updates. I run it on Weblogic 9.2. I read that to get working of renderedOnUserRole and isUserInRole I have to use Acegi. But ...

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i need to implemet a login module using JAAS, im working with glassfish and icefaces 1.7 an netbeans 6.0.i tried this in a simple web aplication and works fine //mi login page Login page

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