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I'm trying to avoid using c:forEach because I heard that JSTL doesn't mix well into the render phase of the JSF... I'm not sure of that claim at all. On the ...

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shvaddi Joined: 22/05/2009 00:00:00 Messages: 8 Offline Hi, We have deployed address.war (Ice Faces 1.5) with JSTL 1.0, JSF 1.1 in Jrun4. While starting the Jrun4 Web Server, we are getting the following errors, but the address application seems to be working fine, However we dont know what is causing the server iniitialiazation issue, which is throwing "Unable install JSF properly" ...

6. JSTL version    icefaces.org

Hi, the jstl.jar in the library directory is apparently from version 1.1.2. Two issues (I use a facelets environment): - Input assist in Eclipse does only work if the *.tld files are available, they are however in the standard.jar which is not included. Is it safe to add this file? - When I use JSF 1.2 wouldn't is be wiser to ...

7. JSTL + Facelets + Icefaces DataTable PROBLEM    icefaces.org

Hi all, I have a problem using jstl tags into a icefaces dataTable. I am trying to use in order to choose a different kind of data representation dynamically. If I use the tag outside the dataTable everything works fine, but when I tye to use it inside a dataTable the tag simply doesn't work.... Anyone can tell me why? ...

9. JSTL in ICEFcaes1.8.1    icefaces.org

Hi, i am trying to use JSTL tags in .ifaces pages but it is throwing this error. my environment is Weblogic 10.3 ICEFaces 1.8.1 here is code snippet i am using...if i dont use JSTL my pages are displaying fine...can somebody identify waht could be th aproblem..

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11. JSTL & c:set is history - what now?    icefaces.org

Hey I am trying to find a new way of setting variables in a JSF. In good old JSP times this used to be c:set. But everybody strongly advices not to use JSTL. So what should I do? The ui:param only referes to the getter and doesn't set a new variable. Somebody got a clue? Thanks! Felix

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Hi there, I'm currently working on a project which needs jstl-fmt. But I haven't any luck on get it working on a site with icefaces and facelets. In my template and my page I've got these first lines: In my page I called: ... ... After I've ...

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I am using the JSTL f:param to pass a parameter to the next page when a link or button is clicked in this format: This works fine when using ice:commandLink, but not at all when using ice:commandButton. Is there some reason it ...

21. Blank Page rendered when Installing JSTL into icefaces & My faces Project    icefaces.org

HI, We developed an application using icefaces 1.5 & MyFaces 1.1.5 the page was displaying fine wiht out any errors in the log files. Now we want to get the advantage of JSTL (as in TimeZone7 example tutorial) with it. I followed the step 6 of chapter 4 of getting started guide. Now i see n=blank page being displayed. The web.xml ...

22. JSTL installation with ICEfaces + myfaces = blank page    icefaces.org

javax.faces.CONFIG_FILES /WEB-INF/faces-config.xml com.icesoft.faces.concurrentDOMViews true javax.faces.STATE_SAVING_METHOD server com.icesoft.faces.uploadDirectory images com.icesoft.faces.uploadMaxFileSize 4048576 contextConfigLocation /WEB-INF/applicationContext.xml com.icesoft.faces.connectionTimeout 60000 com.icesoft.faces.heartbeatTimeout 60000 com.icesoft.faces.heartbeatRetries 10 com.icesoft.faces.heartbeatInterval 60000 javax.faces.DEFAULT_SUFFIX .iface facelets.DEVELOPMENT true com.sun.faces.validateXml true ...

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