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1. Get Key code at value change listener of JSF iceface

I have one autocomplete input text in that i want key code on valueChangeListener as we can get it in javascript by using event.getKeyCode like that..I m using jsf 1.2 and ...

2. Hot keys

4. partial submit on every keypress?

I am about to create an inputText field, which only accepts numbers, but not by having a validator queueing error messages after the field was left, but by ignoring any key press except for digits while the user enters data. Of course, this can easily be achieved by using some simple hand crafted JavaScript code attached to onkeypress. But i have ...

6. Best way to navigate thru a from via ENTER-key

Hi there! The more I get familar with ICEFaces/JSF the more I see, the need of using JavaScript can be cut down significantly, which is really great compared to other frameworks. In that context, I wonder what would be the best approach then to navigate via the ENTER-key through the form, having as less JavaScript involved as possible? I guess, this ...

9. Enter Key on inputtext

10. component keyboard shortcuts?

12. JSF + Hashmap and its keys

13. Disable form submit via enter key

14. SelectInputText's list opens only after 2nd press of ARROW-DOWN-KEY

Hi there, My Setup: ICEfaces lib v1.7.2 ICEfaces Facelets lib v1.7.2 Sun JSF RI v1.2_09 WebLogic 10.0. I'm facing the following problem with the component: At some point during runtime a List of SelectItems gets populated. That List (siListBasics, see below) is connected with that SelectInputText component. Now I press the ARROW-DOWN-KEY to open the list in the SelectInputText component ...

16. What is Icesoft_DnDCache_Key session?

17. Close popup with key

18. Stop Form Submit from Enter Key

got the solution. I need to add onkeypress to all of my ice:inputs in the form. and then set them to a function that kills all enter key events. then I can handle all enter key presses how I want to by attaching a onkeypress to my containing form. Hope this helps.

19. Keyboard Action

20. Input field with partialSubmit=true to fully submit on enter key instead of just partial submit

I had to create a handler for Enter key to submit the mainform. It works everywhere except from input fields with partial submit. Pressing enter in an input field with partial submit enabled always sends partial submit, then I cannot fully submit the form. I my Enter Key handler I tried to change the onblur handler to null, just to escape ...

22. keyboard component

23. Keyboard support for rowselector?

24. Autocomplete and tab key under Mozilla Firefox

Hi, while testing the application I've been working on, I noticed a tricky behaviour of the Autocomplete component that occurs in Mozilla Firefox (my version is 3.6.8) but does not affect IE and Chrome. When the suggestion list appears and you select an item by means of the keyboard arrow key, in Firefox you can confirm the selection by pressing the ...

26. Enter key instead tab

27. restrict keyboard input for an inputText field?

Can ICEfaces restrict keyboard input into an inputText field? For example, if I have a user ID field and want to only allow numbers and letters in that field, is there a mechanism in ICEfaces to set this up? I am aware of the validators that will check a field after the data has been entered. I am hoping for a ...

28. Enter key

29. tabbing using enter key

30. How users the KeyEvent?

31. submit action by the enter key

I am running into this same issue. I tried both an action and an actionListener for the inputSecret and it simply resets the password field. The Javascript returned from the server is simply updating the password field's focus. In looking through the ICEFaces code, it seems like something changed bwetween 1.6DR2 and 1.6DR4 wrt the comonent's action and actionListener handling. Was ...

32. selectOneMenu slow typing on keyboard

When there is focus on selectOneMenu one can type some word and first matching value will be visible in selectOneMenu eg. SelectItems: Alabama Borneo itd. If I type fast Alab, I get Alabama, but if I type Ala (few seconds)b then I get Borneo. Is there any way to set some time property let say 5 seconds on selectOneMenu that this ...

34. PRoblems with submiting on enter key

Hi all, I'm writing a form using the icefaces components. It's a preety simple one containing some inputtext's, one selectOneMenu and two inputsecret fields. I have a problem with submitting by pressing the enter key. When I fill any of the inputText fields the browser prowides me hint's based on what I've subbmited earlier. Unfortunatelly when I choose one of the ...

36. Key Board Navigation in MenuTree

38. Submit form on pressing enter key

39. Return Key on Login Page

Hi, I have a login page where i have username and password input fields. Partial Submit is not set for these fields for instant validation. I have a command button as login which is of type submit. I can submit the login button once i click on the login button or my focus is set to login button using tab. I ...

42. Icefaces & keyboard shortcuts

43. Shortcut key in data table

44. Catch "Return Event key"???

45. Auto-complete with keyboard alternate

Hi, I'm building an application using the icefaces autocomplete, and all is perfect. But I need use a keyboard made in javascript. The problem is when I use the keyboard made in javascript for complete the input, this dont show the options. The options only are presented if I press some key. Somebody knows that I can do it for present ...