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1. Facelets/Icefaces/Entityclasses from Linux to Windows problem

Hi, I develop under Linux and use Subversion. It's a webapp with icefaces and facelets and entityclasses from database. I tried to checkout the solution from my repository but this time under Windows. Netbeans seems not to find the libraries. javax.faces.... and javax.persistence isn't found ....... I also tried it the other direction (project created under windows and imported under linux) ...

2. fileUpload on linux

3. SessionRenderer problem Linux

7. InputFile with IE and linux-server

8. upload file with Linux

Hi. I just try to upload a file on server with inputFile component. In my action method I do this verification: inputFile.getStatus() == InputFile.SAVED; And if it is windows server this verification returns true and all works good, but when I try start my application on linux server and upload the same file verification returns false. Why??? Thanks.

9. paginator on Linux

11. Bug with menu component and linux

Hi, I have a bug with menu component. I'm using JBOSS 4.2.2 or 4.0.5 (Problem is the same) When I launch JBOSS under windows XP OS there is no problem The problem only appears under linux OS ??? I have attached 2 screenshots menu1.jpg and Menu2.jpg that are showing one sort of example of bug. I have attached a little myEclipse ...

14. Problem deploying application on linux

Hi guys, it's me again. I need help from this forum again. I'm trying to deploy an application with IceFaces 1.7.1 and Hibernate on jboss 4.0.5GA. In some machines, its working others no. The error log reports the information: Exception sending context initialized event to listener instance of class com.sun.faces.config.ConfigureListener java.lang.AbstractMethodError: javax.servlet.jsp.JspFactory.getJspApplicationContext(Ljavax/servlet/ServletContext;)Ljavax/servlet/jsp/JspApplicationContext; at com.sun.faces.config.ConfigureListener.registerELResolverAndListenerWithJsp( at com.sun.faces.config.ConfigureListener.contextInitialized( at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.listenerStart( at org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext.start( at ...