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3. listbox dropped width

This is very difficult to do without building a custom component. The problem is related a widget issue in IE 6 and 7, I believe it is fixed in 8. If you really need this you'll have to investigate the html hacks on various blogs and convert it to your own JSF component.

4. tooltip on selectitems in a listbox

5. SelectOne ListBox shown as a dropdown when there is no value .

Hi SelectOne Listbox component in my page shown as a drop down when no items are in it. If there exist only one item, valueChangeListener will not work. So I tried adding one empty item to the list first to get rid of this issue. Anyone know how this could be solved or is there anything wrong with my approach?

8. setting the default size of a list box

I have 3 list boxes in daisy chain fashion. (Selecting one populates the second and selecting second populates the third). Currently the size of each of the list box is set automatically by the width of the string populated in it. 1. How can I set the sizes of all three to a specified value. 2. Also if the list box ...

9. How to implement Drag and Drop or List Box content move to another List Box?

How to implement Drag and Drop or List Box content move to another List Box? I'm using icefaces older jar file i need this to implement. if i put new version(Ice-faces) jar file it will not running my whole application. i need to add this future in existing icefaces components. please Help me out.

10. checkbox component within list box

11. List box values - surving page refresh

xsteviex Joined: 29/04/2007 00:00:00 Messages: 16 Offline Hi - I'm new to JSF in general, and Icefaces. I'm trying to write a simple test application involving 3 HtmlSelectOneMenu items for a continent, country, region type drill-down. Simple scenario is: - page loads - listbox one is visible (default "please select" item is selected") - user selects value - listbox two is ...

12. Is it possible to use a table as a complex list box?

I have a situation here where it is desirable to have multi-column list box, ideally with paging. Right now, I would, if using JSF, use a list box, populated, at present, with a few hundred items. But it is ugly. The items, represented as text, usually have TWO fields, but a conventional listbox only displays a single column. But concatenating the ...

13. Select one list box in a datatable

Hi, I have an application requirement where one of the columns has select one list box. Each row in the table is a user [say] with one of the column having a select box that has options to update or delete that row. User can selet many rows and press a button to do all actions and repaint the table with ...

14. Listbox Event Timing Issue

15. autocomplete works, but text in listbox is overlayed on background problem.

Hello, I have autocomplete working... almost... when I type in the text box, it does generate a list of possible values under the textbox, however, unlike the showcase app which I attempted to copy from, it does not draw the background for the drop down so the text actually gets overlayed on top of whatever is behind it. Below is a ...

16. howto clear the selection of listbox