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1. MenuItem Listener Test in IceFaces

I've created a MenuItem and added an ActionListener using allProducts.addActionListener(this); Is there a way to simulate the menu being clicked in a unit test?

2. JSF Adding Action Listeners

I'm creating a MenuItem dynamically and I want to add a custom listener when the MenuItem is clicked. I've tried adding addActionListener and setActionListener but neither of these get called when ...

3. Why does event listener not get called?

I'm using ice:menuPopup to dynamically create menus on tree nodes. In jsf page I've something like this

  <f:facet name="content">
     <ice:panelGroup id="faccont" style="display: inline" menuPopup="qtaPupMenu"><ice:menuPopup imageDir="/images">

4. value Change Listener is not calling in h:selectOneMenu component

this is my .XHTML file

 <h:form id="limit" styleClass="edit">
    <h:selectOneMenu value="#{limitHome.condition[0]}" style="width:146px;"  
     valueChangeListener="#{limitMasterController.conditionValueChangeListener()}" >

5. How to register an IcePush Listener in a Portlet?

I want to execute some custom code on an IcePush Render update. IcePush itself is working porperly (also over mulitple portlets) So what i want to do exactly is to resize an image ...

6. JSF Row Listener/Action Listener Please Help?

I have a datatable generated from a list of rows from a database table. Something like this

ColA               ...

7. icefaces spinner listener?

I am using an enterprise component from icefaces: numberSpinner I know how to initialize it from the bean, for instance:

processorAlSpinner =  new NumberSpinner(1,1,100,null)
where the constructor is defined in their ...

9. Javascript event listeners are lost during component rendering since 1.7.2

Hi everyone, I think I have found a problem in the DOM rendering of ICEFaces, and it seems that the problem was introduced with ICEFaces 1.7.2: If an input element is rerendered by the direct-to-DOM-renderer, all Javascript event listeners are lost/unregistered. An example: I created an inputText field and registered an onkeyup listener in a script block (not via an attribute). ...

10. Connection Status Listeners (?)

Recently I've been looking for a way to maintain one Hibernate session per conversation (the issue could be seen in another threads) and fell stuck at a task related to recognize the end-of-conversation. Obviously, if the heartbeating exist, there should be some sort of listener available that allows some code at such events as connection lost or connection established. Is there ...

13. Per-View phase listeners works with ICEfaces?

Hi!!! I've tried use f:phaseListener within my ICEfaces application but It seems it's not working. I really need the behavior of a per-view phase listener that being executed before the Render Response phase for a specific page. The beforePhase attribute of f:view tag also not works. I had to use a global phase listener declared in the faces-config.xml file (the only ...

15. Need action listener on ice:selectInputDate for current day (no value change event fired)

There needs to be an actionListener and action attributes on ice:selectInputDate. We have a input date that currently does a redirect, and it would be nice if it could do an action. Also, when we click on the current highlighted date, nothing happens. Other dates work fine. We cannot use the current time as the basis for the input date (which ...

20. Problem with InputFile Progress Listener

Hi, I am using IceFaces 1.8.1. I got a problem with Input File Component, i am using ProgressListener for inputFile, and in the method(for Progress Listener) definition i have given EventObject as a parameter as mentioned in the IceFaces suite, but it is(.jspx) is giving an compile error saying that ProgressListener method should not contain any parameters to the method, if ...

22. Need value of component other than one firing listener

I note I can retrieve the "newValue" of the component whose ValueChangeListener has brought me to the backing bean... I would like to get the value of another component on the page....... which user may have been made null (empty) by the user so as to know that it cannot engage in a calculation. What code, if any, lets me note ...

25. Problem with listener for PanelTabSet

26. Value change listener

27. Dynamic Menu+Action listener

28. ice:RowSelector - problem with listener

Dear all, I'm pooling hair out, since two day to make selector work properly. I've tried look for the answer but with no success. Please advise me what's wrong in my code? JSP: Code:

29. Multiple Event, One Listener

32. Listener of Session

33. ice:InputFile Action listener isn't called if component is two times used

Hi, I use the component in to different portles (liferay). The id's and the action listener classes of component are different. Example fragment: To reproduce the wrong behavior I perform the auto upload at portlet A and then at portlet B. This works fine. If I perform after these steps the auto ...

34. Wrong bean action listener invocation

36. multiple listener calls

Hi, I worked in a project which is successful,implementing the icefaces.We used certain features like autocomplete.I would like to put your attention to one thing, which we were not able to identify. There were multiple ice face selectInputText for the many auto complete inputs.When we debugged the app, we found that for each trigger of any autocomplete, all the rest of ...

37. MenuItem Action listener

38. InputFile and default action listener

43. Value Cahnge Listener

I have two dropdown, where if i change one dropdown, the second dropdown values should change. I am using Code: public void customerNameChange(ValueChangeEvent event) { //Method which changes the second dropdown with required ...

44. action listener problem

contextConfigLocation /WEB-INF/treasury-data.xml,/WEB-INF/treasury-services.xml,/WEB-INF/managed-beans.xml,/WEB-INF/webflow-config.xml com.icesoft.faces.standardRequestScope true org.springframework.web.context.ContextLoaderListener org.springframework.web.context.request.RequestContextListener org.apache.myfaces.webapp.StartupServletContextListener com.icesoft.faces.util.event.servlet.ContextEventRepeater Faces Servlet javax.faces.webapp.FacesServlet 0 Persistent Faces Servlet com.icesoft.faces.webapp.xmlhttp.PersistentFacesServlet 1 Blocking Servlet com.icesoft.faces.webapp.xmlhttp.BlockingServlet 1 ...

45. Action Listeners in DR#5

Hi, An application that is working ok with 1.5 stops firing action listeners for buttons after changing libraries to DR#5. The aplication uses facelets, quite a few page fragments included using ui:include and some stacked panels. Unfortunately it works with a database and so it is difficult to attach it. Really I dont know if its a bug or I have ...

46. inner listeners problem

Hi all I have a problem into my page My page have 3 commandLinks, each link have the same actionListener, when i click into a link, a panelGroup in rendered (yes, like a panelCollapsible) In one of the these panelGroups i have to put two commandLinks more, and each of the these two links have its actionListener, but the actionListener code ...

47. catching exceptions / general exception listener?

Hi I am trying to build some infrastructure into my app that will deal with exceptions effectively (in a custom manner) Essentially i want a class / method that will "listen" for general exceptions (or exception events if they are raised?), and will allow me to run code that will email me the stack trace. Following this a redirect to a ...

48. problem with value change listener

50. listener formalities

52. PanelTabSet - Error when adding tabChange event listener

Using NetBeans 6.0 ICEfaces 1.7.0 I posted something similar in the General Help section, but got no replys. I have performed the following on two different computers, so I do not think it is my environment. 1) Create new ICEfaces visual web project. 2) Add PanelTabSet to Page1. 3) Run the project - test tabs - everything works as expected. 4) ...

53. tree expansion listener

54. File Upload (InputFile) - action listener does not get called for one component

burferd Joined: 04/05/2006 00:00:00 Messages: 381 Offline Using NetBeans 6.1, ICEfaces 1.7.1 I have two pages - each has an inputFile component. Both appear to work, but one of the pages does not call the action listener. I have checked this in the debugger. Here is the component definition that calls the action listener. Code: