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1. icefaces menu bar handling

Can anyone please tell me method of handling action and action listener of a menu item? Thanks in advance.

2. IceFaces duplicate entries in combos, menus after layout change

My IceFaces 1.8 based application starts with a very simple xhtml that includes a different one based on a bean's property. This property is bound to a combo's item that is ...

3. Menu Items hides behind .swf file

5. popup action from menu item

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10. menu items under data table coumn

11. adding a to a menu item by code

13. Menu Items with target= not working

14. Menu Bar won't go away on roll out

15. Changing menu color font

17. component showcase menu style

18. Example of Menus...

19. menu items creation programmatically

20. Main Menu Items problem - urgent !

21. Menu items problem please help !

22. Menu bar sample code

24. Effect in menu bar

26. cascading selet one menu

27. Data Table/Menu Pop up

28. Solution for Menu Items ???

Hi all... Solution for menuitems dynamic action???????? I am struggling a days against this. I want to display dynamic menu items. which was have been succeed, but i want to get the clicked item value to populate the next action. i have surfed, I have even set the actionListener and action , but i cant get the event which have clicked ...

29. Right Click menu popup and selection of tree node

I need to create a menuPopup on right click on tree node and then select that tree node if user chooses from the menu. It is giving me exception and i am wondering if the icefaces tree component has problem with the right click selection. Any idea to tackle this problem. Thanks in advance

30. Dynamic pop-up menus based on data

31. More than one line on menu item

33. Issue with menu popup and draggable in tree

I have an issue with this two options configured at the same time. The drag&drop works properly, but the menu popup not. When I click on the right button, the menu appears, but if I move the mouse over it, the menu also moves. The code I have is the next one: Code: ...

34. Tree menu problem

36. Add image to menu item

37. Right click Popup Menu

38. Dynamic Menu Generation Error

42. Menu Popup on Panel Popup: Menu is not positioned correctly

Hi, The menu popup is not positioned correctly when it is used inside a panel popup. I'm using ICEfaces 1.8.2.GA_P01. The calculated position is not correct and I think the reason for that is the panel popup is using absolute position. I have attached a video of showing what happens. I used component showcase to reproduce the issue. I tried to ...

43. How can I create an icefaces based 2 level horizontal tab menu.

I am working in my icefaces 1.8 based web app and I need to know how to create an icefaces based tab menu that supports a secondary level of menu items. Both levels are horizontal, so there arent drop down menus. Is this posible in Icefaces?. If this is posible, what is the component that I have to use?. Can someone ...

44. iceface Menu Demo not work

45. Need solution for ICEFaces menu navigation

Hi Carlo, thanks for your reply. if you have multiple navigations from the different pages, writing navigation rules is increase the code. insteaded of this, if we write the code in java (using JSF API) to display the JSPs that would be more customizeable than navigation rules. just we need to pass the View name as a parameter for the Menu ...

47. doubt with dynamic menu bar

49. Menu bug

50. icefaces menu bar handling

51. Menu Items. Trouble with actions

Hi, I'm create in included jsp file this code: Then i have a backing bean that create menu: ............................................ public MenuListSelectionBean () { try { CategoryFacadeLocalHome home = CategoryFacadeUtil.getLocalHome(); CategoryFacadeLocal facade = null; facade = home.create(); categorys = ...

52. One diferent popup menus for each node in a tree

Hi guys, Is there some possibility to link a diferent "context popup menu" to some nodes (added dynamically) of a tree component? At this moment I only can add a context popup menu to the whole , the superior one englobing the component. That is fine for the context popup menu for the root node of the tree, but how ...

54. Problem with position of Menu Pop Up element

Hello All, I have a problem with Menu Pop Up. I want it to be opened on the upper side when clicked at the lower part of page and open on the lower side when clicked on the upper side of page. Please take a look at 2 screen shots attached as example. Is this possible with Ice Faces Menu Pop ...

55. Menu Bar Behavior - JSC2-1, CE1.0.1

Using JSC2-1, CE1.0.1 I am experiencing an unanticipated behavior using the menu bar with JSC2-1. Attached files: Menu.txt - jsp file Menu1.gif - error when displaying the design page Menu.gif - View of menu expanded to 2 levels First, there appears to be an incompatibility with the MenuBar component in the JSC2-1 design view. Second, the expected behavior when displaying the ...

58. Menu Issues

Hi, Ifound several issues building menus (menuBar + menuItem): IExplorer 6 1. The submenus are displayed behind selection components (selectOneMenu, selectOneList, ...) Tried to solve using a z-index with no success. 2. If the first level menuItem has an action, its label is not displayed centered. 3. If the menu is inside a panelGrop or panelGrid, it gets scrambled after opening ...

59. Using onload event breaks menu

60. Menu Navigation Issue 1.5DR#5

61. Icons on top level menu are always attached ?

Hi, Since I passed to the 1.6 DR5 version, the top level of menus get a blank icon even if we dont attach icon on it. And the text menu are moved to the right from the with of the blank icon. The problem is IceMenu and IceSubMenu are using the same CCS style: "iceSubMenuRowImage" . So it is not easy ...

62. Menu Bar does only work after reload

63. Parameters within Menu Item ?

64. I want to use just menu component from Ice faces and rest i want to use pure JSF.

I want to use just menu component from Ice faces and rest i want to use pure JSF. I tried putting the icefaces jars in the classpath. I changed the web xml to invoke icefaces as startup 2. First startup is JSF in web.xml I am getting exception FacesContextImple is incompatible with com.icesoft.faces.context.BridgeFacesContext Any body has any idea. why i am ...

65. Select One Menu problem

package org.sample.portlet.hello.bean; import javax.*; import java.*; import org.sample.portlet.hello.bean.*; public class SelectRoomBean { public SelectRoomBean(){ } private Rooms[] dataRooms = new Rooms[] { new Rooms("room 1"), new Rooms("room 2"), new Rooms("room 3") }; public Rooms[] getDataRooms() { return dataRooms; }; public void setDataRooms(Rooms[] dataRooms) { this.dataRooms = dataRooms; } private String selectedRoom; public String getSelectedRoom() { return selectedRoom; } public void setSelectedRoom(String ...

66. Dynamic Menu Problem.

Hi "adnan.durrani". Do you have an example? This is my menu page: Thanks.

67. Other options for navigation menu

68. Formatting a menu item label

69. 508 Compliant Menu Bar?

70. Menu List Effect

71. Menu Bar questions

73. CSS Menu disappears with ICEFaces

74. Menu Bar Errors!

75. menu bar problem

76. ice menu item alignment problem

77. ice:menu ignores css

78. Menu

79. Help, Floating Div Menu

80. Menu Bar problem

i have this backing bean package view.managedBeans; import java.util.List; import com.icesoft.faces.component.menubar.MenuItem; public class BarraMenuBean { @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") private List lista; @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") public List getLista() { if (lista ==null){ MenuItem topLevel1 = new MenuItem(); topLevel1.setIcon("xmlhttp/css/xp/css-images/menuitem.gif"); topLevel1.setValue("topLevel1"); MenuItem topLevel2 = new MenuItem(); topLevel2.setIcon("xmlhttp/css/xp/css-images/menuitem.gif"); topLevel2.setValue("topLevel2"); MenuItem topLevel3 = new MenuItem(); topLevel3.setIcon("xmlhttp/css/xp/css-images/menuitem.gif"); topLevel3.setValue("topLevel3"); lista.add(topLevel1); lista.add(topLevel2); lista.add(topLevel3); MenuItem sub1_1 = new MenuItem(); sub1_1.setIcon("xmlhttp/css/xp/css-images/menuitem.gif"); sub1_1.setValue("sub1_1"); MenuItem sub1_2 = ...

81. Menu Items hides behind Panel Group

82. menu pop up

in the component show case if we click "effects" and one works fine... but i clicked "effects" and i dont want to select a i clicked outside the menu..........but the menu pop up wont disappear........why?..... i am using this concept im my project.........but i want to disappear the menu when i click outside..........

84. Using menu with facelets

Hello, I'm trying using component menuBar and menuItems with facelets. I have the facelets tutorial with the application example ( I'm trying change the navigation.jspx to use menuBar and menuItems replace ice:tree, so the new navigation.jspx is:

In the menuItem: menuItem.setTarget("content"); but, when I click any option ...

86. How to create a menu using TREE?

87. Problems with javascript on menu!!