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1. Icefaces menuitem not displaying on IE7 and IE8

I use the Icefaces menubar code to create menuitems in my project. It works properly in Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and IE9; but menuitems are not displaying in IE6, IE7 or IE8. In the ...

2. ICEfaces menuItem not displaying in IE7 and IE8

I am using the ICEfaces Menu Bar code to create menuItems in my project. It works properly on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and IE9 but menuitems are not displaying on IE6, IE7 ...

3. icefaces menuitem event handler

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5. Missing Form for MenuItem

7. How deeply can you nest menuItems?

I'm trying to use a MenuBar and MenuItems to create a vertical navigational menu on the left side of my page. The Menu is being built dynamically from entries in a database. When I add new MenuItems directly to the MenuBar, everything looks fine. But I have some menu items that really need to expand down to two levels. For example, ...

9. ice:menuItem and request scope bean

Hello, I have a problem with ice:menuItem and the scope of the backing bean. I use a actionListener to perform some bean initialisations in myBean.init. But I noticed that in this case TWO MyBean instances are created, on by the menuItem, and one by the jsp page that uses it after. So all the initialized ...

10. MenuItem without Action

12. MenuItems with different colors

13. How To Read Existed MenuItem

14. ice:menuItem: Action is not getting called

Hello everyone, I have serious problems with the ice:menuItem component. If i set an action to such an component, and I click the corresponding menuItem nothing happens. The action isn't even called. Im using V1.7.2. Could you please help me? I really don't understand this.. Code: The actionMethod exists. ...

15. MenuItem submitted value

16. f:param no work in MenuItem

18. MenuItem in icefaces

Hi all... I am struggling a days against this. I want to display dynamic menu items. which was have been succeed, but i want to get the clicked item value to populate the next action. i have surfed, but i was not happy with their solutions. I have even set the actionListener and action , but i cant get the event ...

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20. create a action to the menuitems

23. inputText in menuItem ?

24. add f:param to menuitem via Java code

25. menuBar and menuItem issue

26. MenuItems Bound to XML Structure

It would be quite nice if it was possible to directly bind a MenuItems object to an xml document structure, in the same manner as is done in windows forms (i know, i know, i said a bad word, but it is a nice feature). Binding to an arraylist is easy when manually building the array, but when programmatically doing so ...

27. convert ice tree into ice menuitems

I built an application with icefaces that uses the ice tree to display hierarchical information, then I was thinking of swithing this tree to be represented in a menu system instead with ice menuitems. but i was thinking the DefaultTreeModel in java really can represent both nicely. I know it isn't really hard todo the conversion in the backing bean but ...

28. how to get selected menuitem?

30. MenuItem and link (Solved)

31. Sub MenuItem not display

32. Problem with menuBar/menuItem in ICEfaces 2.0/JSF 2.0

Using NetBeans 6.8 and ICEfaces plugins for the ICEfaces 2.0 part and NetBeans 6.7 and ICEfaces plugins for the 1.8.2 part. I am trying to put together an application using ICEfaces 2.0 and am experiencing a problem with the menuBar/menuItem components. I have a test program that uses JSF1.2 and ICEfaces 1.8.2 and an application I am trying to build with ...

34. MenuItem: possible to disable?

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41. MenuBar / MenuItem display bug on IE7

Hi, Looking for some help for a small display bug. Here is a code sample running on JBoss 7.0.2.Final with IceFaces 2.0.2 : Code: TEST