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2. Login Exception when using JDBC Realm (Glassfish V3.1 + IceFaces 2 + MySQL)

Hi guys, I am having this weird error when trying to login in using container-managed security using a JDBC Realm, basically was happens is that even though the JDBC realm is set to my login config, it still uses the file realm. I searching the internet for help, they didn't work for me. Here's my configuration: My Login Page:

4. OutputProgress and MySQL database

5. JavaScript to IceJavaScript to Mysql

Hi. I'm trying to use an JavaScript made into my LMS program (courselab) to write some information inside my MySQL Server, connected in my Servlet with JSF 2.0 and ICEFaces 2.0. When someone answers an question, I call a JavaScript that pass some information to my servlet. And this one write everything. My servlet will have some login information to write ...