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3. css font-family and color style doesn't work in ice:outputLabel    icefaces.org

I am trying to use stylesheet to customize the apparence in my application, but the font-family and the color style aren't applied in my form. I have tried to change the style using my own styleClass and overwriting the .iceOutLbl and .iceOutTxt, but nothing works. I am using IceFaces 2.0 Beta 1.0. It is a bug?

4. Icefaces2: InputRichText value into outputText/outputLabel    icefaces.org

Hello, In icefaces 1.8.2 I could add the value of a inputRichText component inside the value of an outputLabel component and it was rendered correctly. Now in icefaces 2, I've tried it but all html tags are rendered in the outputLabel and in the outputText. Is there any solution for that? Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I'm fairly new to icefaces and wanted to know what is the best way to hide a form element and its associated label. Thus far, I've bound the visible attribute to the same property on a bean, and I suppose it would be possible to find the parent element and change the visibility of that, but it seems there ought ...