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Dear community: I'm creating a multi-folder application. My problem is with the pages outside the root folder. Sample structure: MY_APP/ MY_APP/platform/ MY_APP/WEB-INF/ MY_APP/WEB-INF/inc-content MY_APP/WEB-INF/inc-content/platform/ MY_APP/WEB-INF/inc-template MY_APP/css/ When I open the default page at MY_APP/ root folder, everything is fine. When I click to the MY_APP/platform/home.jspx page, I get it almost correctly, but then 1) Images doesn't appear (ice:tree configured with imageDir="./xmlhttp/css/xp/css-images/") ...

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Hello everyone, My first web page works well. In this page, I use an outputLink to open a second page, but the first page lose its control after the opening of the seconde page. My code is : ... ... someone sees where is the problem? Thank you.

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Thank you very much for your answer. I have tried with h:graphicImage and ice:graphicImage but the problem was the same. However, JIRA has given me an answer to what was happening. Problem is the IE9 cache. I've solved it by loading the image on the previous page with attribute visible="false". Thank you!!

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Hi Philip, Thanks for your response, I have used the data table inside the data table, First column is CommandLink and the Last column is outputLink. When i click the any one of the outputLink (First time) it is working fine. After clicking on any outputLink or commandLink, the links are not working. For you reference:

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Hi, i am opening documents(pdf,doc,ppt ,etc..) using output link. the value attribute of outputlink gets the path from managed bean. the link opens correctly if there is no spaces " " in the path. if the path has space in it. its not opening. the path at the status bar replace all the spaces with "+" symbol. i am also having ...

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Hi All, I have an problem with Ice:outputLink. [b]My intention is to after clicking on [u]view resume[/u] need to open a browser without menubar and url field. [/b] I am using outputlink as following in my jspx page [b]resume.jspx[/b] [code] [/code] [b]resumeBean.java[/b] [code] public void viewResume(){ JavascriptContext.addJavascriptCall(FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(),"window.open(\"Ravi \",\"Gonella");"); } [/code] Please help ...