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7. Centering a rendered PanelGrid with CSS

I've been unsuccesfully trying to center a PanelGrid when rendering it to the browser. This is the code: The rendered table always is left aligned. If i try with Style="align: center", i get the same result. Thanks for your assistance. Estuardo

9.  not working?!

10. ice:panelGrid -> how to change the width of columns

I was trying your solution, but it also not works. I was trying also ice:outputStyle href="./WEB-INF/css/Test.css" but this also not works. Only when i make a path in the root directory it works ice:outputStyle href="./css/Test.css" I do not understand why. Because when i do this with a normal JSP page it works. Also when i take a lookup at the renderered ...

11. PanelGrid CSS

I put an input text box in a panel grid, and there is a bunch of space to the right of the input box in the cell. I'd like to control that space, to make it smaller. How/where is this controlled, and how would I find this out on my own, how would I find out a components CSS classes, so ...

12. panelgrid question

First thanks for your answer. No not a datatable, it is a webform. Example: Code:

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18. PanelGrid align

19. PanelGrid attributes

Hi Alan, Thanks for your comments. The ice: panelGrid has a columns attribute. It doesn't have a rowspan, valign, or halign. You can, however, use specify a styleClass and then define the CSS properties line-height, text-align, and horizontal-alignment. So it is a little restrictive in the sense that you can't specify multi-row cells, and that columns must be specified at the ...

21. ice:panelGrid & thead?

22. Using colspanning elements in panelGrid?

I don't know if it is really worth to have such a deep look. Let the renderer (the ICEsoft team finally) decide what makes sense and concentrate ourselves on the logical page structure. If improvements are able the next ICEfaces releases will do the optimization for us without the need to adapt our page design. This is pretty maintenance friendly ;-). ...

24. components in a panelGrid

25. panelGrid background and frame colors

26. Position of elements inside a panelGrid

Hi! I have a big panel grid with 2 columns and each column has a smaller panel grid. In my right panel I have 3 rows, and in my left panel I have one row. So when viewing the page, the row from the left panel, shows up vertically centered with the rows on my left panel. How can I make ...

27. Rendering of panelGrid header and footer facets

Looking at the rendered DOM I see that panelGrid always renders THEAD and TFOOT tags before TBODY. This causes the browser's default tab order to be input fields in the footer BEFORE the body. This seems counter intuitive. While I could set the tabindex on all the fields and make it work, this is alot of effort for when the default ...

30. Disappearing panelGrid when binding.

Hi. I'm using IceFaces 1.6 without facelets. I use web.xml configuration like in showcase demo. I have 2 pages and on every page i include page menu.jspx with menu (jsp:directive.include). On my menu page i have panelGrid binding to backing bean, where i create my menu. when i clik some link on my first page navigating me to the second page ...

31. PanelGrid component binding problem

33. panelGrid Font Styling

Is there a way to choose the styling of the Font prior to the Grid rending in its JPEG format? I have setup the style attribute to include font-family and size without any success. I am assuming the font attribute only applies to other html tags, content inside the ice:panelGrid other then the JPEG?

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39. h:panelGrid binding problem

i am having another problem the requirments is as User selects any value from and i have a on my jsp page when user make any selection in the components like TextFields , TextAREA etc are added in on the basis of value selected by user. but my application is not doing it. i have used ...

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