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1. Effect on PanelStack selection

4. ice:commandbutton insde a PanelStack

Is there any issue to place a commandbutton inside a panelgroup in a Panel Stack? I did a test, placing 3 panelgroup in a panelstack. Every panelGroup have a button. Only the first button in panelgroup "panelOne" get fired. The rest can not be fired. Thanks for your comments.

11. CommandButton within a table within a panelStack doesn't fire until I switch panels

I have a commandButton within a table that is within a panelStack. When the page first loads the commandButton actionListener is not fired until I switch panels and switch back. Then the button does what it is supposed to do. Is there something that I am missing or is there a simple workaround? I have tried debugging the actionListener and it ...

14. Maybe stupid Question about perfomance on panelStack

Hi Kunzem, That's not a stupid question:) Currently all of the panels, including their contents, will be included in the server-side component tree on component tree creation when the page is first parsed, whether or not the panels are rendered to the client. The panels that aren't to be rendered to the client will not have any performance hit on the ...

15. Generating panelStack members dynamically

Hello, I'm trying to set up a panel stack with iteratively created members using a panelSeries. However, because the id property of panelGroup cannot be assigned from an expression there appears to be no way of achieving this - all the members must have the same id, which causes an exception. Am I being unusually thick, or is there a workaround ...

16. panelStack submit question

18. Navigation in ICEFaces application: ui:include vs ice:panelStack vs JSF navigation.

Hello ICEFaces and All, I have a set of questions about navigation. By navigation I mean changing view depending on the state of some control instance (like navigation tree, menu bar, internal workflow, etc.). I use facelets, but all questions are also relevant for JSP (replace ui:include with jsp:include). Q0: Generally: what is the "best practice" for implementing navigation in an ...

19. panelStack and buttom problem

hayrolr Joined: 12/10/2007 00:00:00 Messages: 36 Offline Hello, I'm using a panelStack in my login page, It has two "exluding" data groups (I mean, the one not logical related with the other), under one condition (a selectgroup with two options, ie: Male & Female) only one group is visible. Also, in this

, I have two others componentes always visible like ...

20. panelStack problem