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2. Could not get outputProgress with PersistentFacesState to work in my project?

Hi. I downloaded an example from the tutorials of the outputProgress the following: and I managed to run it properly in MyEclipse with ICEfaces 1.7.2 SP1/Build number: 11/Revision: 17935 now when i add the .jspx page with the both classes into my own project, the page outputProgress stopped working... (unless i hit the F5 several times in a row) I ...

3. The use of PersistentFacesState in Progress Bar. Dose this null the FacesContext

Hi all, I am using progress Bar in our project. when the progress bar is running, the FaceContext become null. we need FacesContext to get the HttpSession. But we got the NullPointerException. Is there any way, the FacesContext not be null when progress bar is running. What is difference between Synchronous and Asynchronous running of Progress Bar.??

4. PersistentFacesState

7. Change PersistentFacesState after Focus switched to an other window?

We don't have any window focus api or functionality. There may be a much easier way to do what you need to do. Have you tried setting concurrentDOMViews to true and using a request-scoped Renderable. If you do that you shouldn't have to worry about getting the right PersistentFacesState. You could just have different request-scoped beans for each window. Philip

9. PersistentFacesState.render() problem

burferd Joined: 04/05/2006 00:00:00 Messages: 381 Offline I have a project written in Java Studio Creator using ICEfaces 1.5.0 (?) I'm trying to move that to NetBeans 6.0 ICEfaces 1.7.0. I have a session bean that updates a a date and time field on the main page that no longer works. When I attempt to call the render() method for the ...