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1. Icefaces 2 Plugin problem

Hi i just download the plugin for helios but i am having a problems when it comes to download the icefaces-core library they dont appear.... could it be a firewall?? but ...

2. How can I use a (F)CKEditor plugin on ICEfaces' inputRichtext?

as I'm trying to add a custom FCKEditor plugin to an inputRichText (and didn't manage it to get working), I just added one of the contributed plugins, 'placeholder'. It is part ...

3. Does any one has icefaces plugins to use it in Eclipse?

hai this is Jagadeesh form India. Does any one has plugins for icefaces to run in to eclipse.... Please provide me solution for it..

4. NB 6.8 / ICEFaces 2.0 plugin errors

Hai Please notice the erros in ICEFaces forums: 1) The tool integration creates a wrong sun-web.xml: where the first line should be: and the ...

5. Netbeans 6.5 plugin

7. Need ICEFaces 1.8 plugin

8. TOP 2 BUGS of NetBeans 6.5 Plugin

14. NB 6.7 plugin needed,

15. ICEFaces 1.8.1 plugin installtion on NetBeans failed

i get thefollowing error when try to install ICEFaces following the installation guide i try to install ICEFaces Design Time and Run Time Librararies. When i click the install button i get the following error The Plugin Installer found problem timeout of loading ICEfaces Design-Time and Run-Time Libraries[org.icefaces.netbeans.modules.lib/] while install the following plugins: ICEfaces Design-Time and Run-Time Libraries i am ...

16. ICEface Integration plugin for OEPE Eclipse

It should be Okay as WTP/JSF/EclipseLink/Dali JPA etc are also part of OEPE. If you cannot remove JSF Facelets Tools, just don't remove it. ICEfaces core tooling doesn't depend on it but ICEfaces Facelets tooling depends on it. The JSF Facelets Incubator comes with OEPE is most likely the same as the one we shipped. I haven't tried OEPE (Oracle Enterprise ...

19. Updating Netbeans plugins

22. Hel me with Eclipse plugin

24. Source code for Eclipse Plug-in

No. It hasn't been open sourced. But it is similar to Eclipse JSF plugins. Eclipse WTP/JSF plugins are open source and available in eclipse wtp cvs repository. Same applies to Netbeans, which is similar to Netbeans WebFrameworkProvider. But for other plugins such as the one for MyEclipse, it is related to 3rd parties and we cannot make them open sourced.

25. Can't get ice:inputRichtext FCKEditor plugins to work

Hello, as I'm trying to add a custom FCKEditor plugin (and didn't manage it to get working), I just added one of the contributed plugins, 'placeholder'. It is part of the ICEfaces component distribution of FCKEditor, in com\icesoft\faces\component\inputrichtext\\editor\plugins\. But even that's not working! Here's my custom config: FCKConfig.Plugins.Add('placeholder', 'en,de'); FCKConfig.ToolbarSets["PHBToolbar"] = [['Placeholder']]; As soon as the editor is loaded, there's a ...

26. Some problem trying to installa IceFaces Eclipse plugin

Hello, I have some problem trying to install the IceFaces 1.8 plugin on Eclipse (I have the same problem on Eclipse Galileo and on Eclipse Helios) I have download the plugin here: dowloading the file: In Eclipse I go on Help --> Install New Software and here I click on the ADD button, so I click on the archive ...

27. Installing the ICEfaces Plugin for Rational Application Developer

Hi, I have a problem running the icefaces eclipse-plugin on my RAD 7.0, maybe icefaces doesn't support this version? I have performed two steps: I have copied the plugin folder to the plugin directory : C:\dev\IBM\SDP70\plugins and then I restarted RAD. Know I was expecting to see the 'enable icefaces' under the project options, but no dice? Can anybody help me? ...

28. Differences between Eclipse plugins

30. Eclipse 3.3 plugin

ICEfaces Eclipse facet requires Eclipse JSF 1.1 facet. ICEfaces can run with JSF 1.2. Even though you select JSF 1.1 facet, you still can select JSF 1.2 implementation library in next wizard because ICEfaces is runtime compatible with JSF 1.2 based app server. The difference between Eclipse JSF 1.1 facet and 1.2 facet is that Namespace in faces-config.xml is different. Currently ...

31. Struts2 + Struts2 JSF plugin + ICE Faces -- URGENT!!!!!!

karthikeyan_madasamy Joined: 19/02/2008 00:00:00 Messages: 2 Offline Hi, We have an existing application built in Struts2. Now we are trying to build new components using ICEfaces in the existing application. (i.e) we are trying to integrate Struts2 + Struts2 JSF plugin + ICEfaces. Have anybody tried that? I tried with the sample application from struts2(showcase). it is working fine with the ...

32. NetBeans Plugin missing requirement.

33. netbeans 6.1 plugin