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1. [ICEfaces] Clearing one inputText form when changing radio button selected

Hi! I have a set of 3 radio buttons (A, B, and C). Like, A="1", B="2", and C="other value". When I select C, it renders a inputText box in front of it, so user can write a value of is choice. The problem is: if the user writes a value on the box, and then changes to A or B, if ...

3. radio button, layout: spread, default selection

public class Playground { private Boolean[] radioButtons; private String radioString; public Playground() { this.radioButtons = new Boolean[7]; for(int i = 0; i < 7; i++) { this.radioButtons[i] = false; } this.radioString="btn2"; } public String reload() { return "playground"; } public String getRadioButtonString() { String returnString = ""; for(int i = 0; i < 7; i++) { if(radioButtons[i] != null) { returnString ...

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5. How to bind the inputText value and radio button value

Hi I am having one form containing 4 inputText fields,selectOneRadio and 4 selectOneMenu fileds.So i have taken those fields in a table.Here my problem is when i am trying to enter the values for the form.after entering the values for 1st and 2nd fields and i am trying to add 3rd field my first filed value is disappearing and even the ...

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11. Radio Button alignment problem

12. RadioButtons in a Table

Should be doable using panelGrid/dataTable together with selectOneRadio. The trick is to get them grouped by lines. I haven't tried this, but it should be possible. It's easier if the option list is fixed-size and not dynamic - panelGrid. If the list is dynamic, either using a dataTabel or a c:for maybe... Good luck

15. Select a table row using radio button, is it possibile?

Hello, I am using IceFaces 1.8 and I have to do the following thing: I have a normal data table, one of the columns of this table contains a radio button and I wish that clicking on this radio button the corresponding row is selected (obtaining the object reference of the collection which generates the row in the table) Is it ...

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22. Table with RadioButtons in column

Hi, I need a hint to the right direction for the following problem: I have a dataTable which contains a column (the last column...) with one single radiobutton for each row to provide some single row selection for a table's row. Unfortunately (but only because it creates this problem) the first row contains an ice:commandlink to provide some other functionality. Therefore ...