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1. Problem in renderResponse

2. Call to renderResponse() even though no validation errors

Hi there! In my Form I have a couple of Components and only one of them (SelectInputText) has "immediate" set to true. Some of other components have "required" set to true. Now when I select something from the shown "MatchList" of the SelectInputText a full page submit is performed (partialSubmit=false). So far so good, but the strange thing to me is ...

3. Problem in renderResponse: null

5. (SOLVE) Problem in renderResponse

8. renderResponse performance

10. Upgrading from 1.7.0 DR2 to 1.7.1 causes "Problem in renderResponse: null"

Hi, After upgrading to 1.7.1 the first navigation from our home page to one of our other application pages gets the error below. This does not happen for all page. As well, going back to the home page and then navigating to the "bad" page a second time does not cause the error. The error is reproducible in any new session ...