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1. ICEfaces multiple selectInputText widgets inside datatable behave erratically

I have multiple selectInputText controls inside a datatable, something like this:

<ice:dataTable id="attributesList" value="#{myForm.myAttributes}" var="entry" cellpadding="0" rows="9999" columnClasses="myColumn,myColumn">
    <!-- auto-complete -->

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10. How to clear ice:selectInputText ?

11. Cant type ( character in SelectInputText in IE

I'm using a select input text to provide a list of suggestions. The problem is that the textbox will not accept the open parentheses character as input. When I press (, the focus starts moving down the list of suggestions. This is a problem because the ( character is in the data I'm searching. Any suggestions? This started when we switched ...

12. selectInputText and '(' character

My application is not receiving the proper value from the textChangeEvent when a user presses the open parentheses character '(' after anyother character. Internet Explorer interprets it as the down arrow and will begin navigating down the list of displayed suggestions. This happens in the component showcase so I'm pretty sure not my bug. Has anyone found a workaround? Thanks Chris ...

14. SelectInputText with Time Converter

Hi All, I have a page with SelectInputText's representing a start time and end time, which both are tied to a java.sql.TimeConverter instance with the pattern HH:MM What I'm looking to do is make it easier for the user by allowing them to simply enter the HH part e.g. "1" which would then be converted to 1:00, Does anyone have any ...

16. How to circumvent requiredness when using a SelectInputText component when typing?

Hey, I'm using JSF 1.1 + Facelets + latest ICEFaces. I'm using the SelectInputText component, which is declared in my facelet as required. When I type in the inputtext component, every time an ajax call is made, the requiredness is checked and I get an error message. Is there a way around this? I do have to mention that I do ...

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19. selectInputText

20. SelectInputText simple problem! Quick help plz.

Hi. I have a simple problem with the SelectInputText component. So, I read in a list of countries from a database successfully in my backing bean under an arraylist of selectItem type. I then even succesfully attach this list to the SelectInputText type. Basically this is a field for the user to input the country they live in. Anyways, two problems ...

22. ice:selectInputText behave differently in 1.8.1 than it was in 1.7.2 SP1

Hi i have a ice:selectInputText with autocomplete which upon selecting a value set the render of a button to TRUE so it becomes visible... All was good until i upgraded to latest version 1.8.1 now when i select a value from the ice:selectInputText, the render of button turns to true, button gets visible and in the same time the ice:selectInputText opens ...

23. Setting border color of inputText part of SelectInputDate and SelectInputText

I am trying to set the border color of the inputText part of the SelectInputDate and SelectInputText (not the full footprint of the control just the inputText part). I have tried to override the iceSelInpDateInput in the css with no luck. Any ideas as to how to set the inputText part of the control and not the full footprint of the ...

24. selectInputText

25. selectInputText and caret problem with IE8

Icefaces 1.8.1 Liferay 5.2.3 When I use a selectInputText component (just to get the updates pushed to the backing bean - then we update the page via push - no dropdown is generated) it works as expected in Firefox, but on IE 8 the caret ends up at the FIRST of the text field after the ajax call returns. If they ...

31. selectInputText - how to show the down arrow on right like selectOneMenu has

I'm using selectInputText not because I want autocomplete, but because I want to let the user type their own thing if they dont find something they like on my list. Problem is that until they start typing there is no way for them to know that there is going to be a list of things for them to choose from. The ...

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34. ice:selectInputText throws NoSuchElementException after page switching

Hello guys. I got a problem with the "java.util.NoSuchElementException"... Page 1 includes a selectInputText using auto completion. Everything runs trouble-free on this page. After switching to page 2 and back to page 1 the "NoSuchElementException" is thrown when I want to use the selectInputText again. There are not any changes on page 2 to the f:selectItems value used by the selectInputText. ...

35. selectInputText does not get my list

37. SelectInputText client side list not updated when the bound list is empty

I have an issue with SelectInputText when used with . I noticed this issue few months ago and I fixed it. I thought of informing this to ICEfaces developers and then I can get this fixed in next official release. The component does not update the list when the list bound to is empty. In the value change listener ...

39. Weird Behavior SelectInputText and PanelPopup

i have a panel popup to show all errors if the user forgot to fill some input text or table or something, the client ( an user ) , he wants the see all errors in one panel popup and navigate in the page correcting the data one by one with the popup opened, but.. when the popup is open and ...

42. SelectInputText maxlength attribute

43. selectInputText - JS error and IE functionality

Why is it that you always see an answer after you post the question. 1. The command links in the facet are entirely unnecessary. They were left over from an older design. remove them 2. If you want to wrap the images or text in something like a panelGroup in order to control the style, you have to explicitly use ...

44. How does selectInputText work

I don't quite understand what is the function of listVar attribute. What does it represent and how is it used to build the list of SelectItems? For the case below autoComp is a class that contains regNo and name attributes. However, while displaying the list an exception is raised indicating regNo is not a string. Can someone please explain to me ...

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47. ice:selectInputText

Hello, I have an ice:selectInputText in my application and I want to show the drop-down menu as soon as the user clicks on the component. Till now, the valueChangeListener is triggered only when the user clicks on a button and the new updated values are brought from the server. But I want to render the drop-down menu of (predefined) items to ...

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50. ice:selectInputText issue

52. selectInputText background color

Hi Marco, You need to set the inputTextClass attribute on the selectInputText component. The selectInputText renderer renders the following default style classes for the component: - iceSelInpText (for the input text element) - iceSelInpRow (row in the list) - iceSelInpSelRow (hover row in the list) If you want to override them just define in your css source (e.g.)