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1. ICEFaces nested tables

Does anyone know if it is possible to display nested tables using ICEFaces? For example in my system: SuperOrders are comprised of individual standalone Orders and always either one or two ...

2. Icefaces AUTO SORT TABLE example

3. Sort Table Example

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5. Modify TABLE component

6. Editable table

Hi, Have an editable flag in the backing bean and an Edit button in your view. On the click of the Edit button, set the editable flag to true. In your table have both the the output Text for the column (representing the view mode) and the input text (representing the edit mode). Using the rendered attribute you can make the ...

7. Table height problem

8. Slow Table

10. Problem with single-selection tables

11. custom expandable table

12. Data Tables

13. How to create data table..?

14. table grouping for subtotals

15. Dynamic table problem

17. Expandable table

Hi, I downloaded the community version of ICEfaces but I can't seem to find the expandable table demo files in the samples directory. I also have a question regarding the table component. Please excuse me if this is basic, but I'm new to JSF in general! So, what I would like to do is to have a table like the one ...

19. Do icefaces tables support input?

21. Table selection

22. Table sorting and selection

23. Consulta data table dinamico?

24. How to create an expandible table?

25. Editable Data Table

26. help wiht data table

28. table-children reacting simultanously

29. Problem sorting two tables...

31. Help on Dynamic Data Table (newbie)

32. Editable Table

33. Problem with Id by dynamic Tables

34. XML aware data table


37. Creating a Dynamic Data Table

hi, Is there a way I can create a dynamic data table i.e,load a table from the backend java code rather than the jsp code, I am working on porting a website in webuijsf to ICEFACES. this was possible in webuijsf, but I am having trouble with this in ICEFACES, the table is generated by I don't see any data in ...

39. Comp. component : expandable tables - not working

I am trying to implement easy expandable component and tying to use CC Showcase example. Using SalesManagerRecordBean, SalesRecord and using following tag in my xhtml file, When running the example only see title of the ee table. Any idea, what's missing? Not able to see parent or child component ...

40. Easy Expandable Table - link within a child record

I am in the process of implementing EET component and have document uploaded as a child record. I am looking for the ways to display this uploaded file. For that I need to create link e.g. 'View' in the child record. When user clicks this 'View' link the document will get displayed. Can anyone tell me how to put

42. Ice:table showing incorrect values

Hi, my ice:dataTable is showing incorrect values untill i hit F5 to refresh the page after which the correct data is shown. I searched around and found that it could be a bug that occurs when the table is nested within another component ( For me its a ice:PanelGrid ) I tried some of the suggestions such as changing it to ...

43. data table problem

any required true& invalid input type validations are fired in the form not able to enter the values in the data table like
i have to attach the DataTable Code when validation error message fired in form not able to enter the data in datatable ...

44. Editable Table bean

45. Loop thru ICE: Data Tables

46. Table Cell Centering

47. Expandable Table

48. Expandable Table and different type of data

Hello. I have one problem. I want to use expandable table for dispay products and their versions. It'll view as: | name | created | changed -------------------------------------------------- \/ Computer1 <- object Product -------------------------------------------------- | ver1 | 10/11/2006 | 12/11/2006 <- object ProductVersion -------------------------------------------------- | ver3 | 10/11/2006 | 12/11/2006 -------------------------------------------------- | ver5 | 10/11/2006 | 12/11/2006 -------------------------------------------------- > Bike -------------------------------------------------- Relation ...

49. Pageable and sortable table for large data sets

Hi, Using the component examples I could make a pageable and sortable table with a session-persistent backing bean. This works fine but leaves me with 2 questions I'm wondering if anyone has good solutions for. 1) The simple one is what if my data in the database changes mid-session? Can I put an expiration time on the data. I know I ...

50. Master detail table

Hi, Icefaces doesn't support a master detail view in its datatable. The demo-app auctionMonitor shows a workaround for this problem but it's not a nice solution. And with this solution it is propably impossible to create the same look and feel as the normal table with for example the sortheader. Will this be a feature is further releases ?? kind regards, ...

51. how to set border="0" in a data table?

I don't seem to be able to replicate this behaviour. I don't recognize the style called "componentLayoutRootTable" as something provided by ICEfaces. Is that something specific to your application that might have some border style information? I copied the code of the page you included and made a quick test application. I don't get a border unless I specifically set the ...

53. dynamic table

55. Data Table issues

HI Is there any way by which i can create a datatable which will repeat itself horizontally as in simple data table -------------------------- | Col 1 | Col 2 | Col3 | -------------------------- this is how a normal table is generated what i require is that instead of the table going all the way down for n elements its should only ...

56. Question about ICEFaces Data Table Component For Sun Studio Creator

Hello, im just a beginner with java server faces and this framework icefaces and i got a question about the Data Table Component. I am using the Sun Java Studio Creator 2 Update 1 and want to know how the data table is ajax-ready. my usecase: i have a table with roundabout 20 columns and the table should show 250 rows ...

57. how to move from data table to other faces page with values

hello i have given this to go from one page to another but the values inside the datatable are vanishing also are not transported into next page for that i used outputlink like this which is navigating to other page without values ...

58. Reload Flash Component in Table

59. Can't make a sort table

60. how to create table in iceface

I try to create a table in iceface, but there is nothing showed up. My code is: [package org.sample.portlet.hello.bean; import java.sql.*; import javax.faces.context.FacesContext; import javax.faces.event.ValueChangeEvent; import java.util.ArrayList; public class UserBean { String name; private ArrayList tableManagementRuangRapat; public static void main(String[] args){ String sDriver=""; StringsURL="jdbc:mysql://localhost/smiletown;" String sUsername="root"; String sPassword="yolz"; int iRowCount=0; Connection con=NULL; Statement stmt=NULL; try{ Class.forName(sDriver).newInstance(); } catch (Exception e){ ...

61. how to create table in iceface

62. ICEFace table feature

63. Large data tables

Right now I have a simple data grid with a paginator. Correct me if I am wrong, but I'm assuming that the data I load and bind to that grid is sitting in memory for the lifetime of the grid. If in the future if I need to display a grid that is backed by a very large set of data, ...

64. Why display:block for table text?

I just upgraded from 1.5.3 to 1.6.1, and have been dealing with the new css classes. I noticed that in the new xp.css, there is this class: .iceDatTbl td span.iceOutTxt{ overflow: hidden; display: block; padding: 2px 0px; } Why is output text in table cells styled as display:block? This causes tables to truncate the contents of the cell instead of increasing ...

65. how to get round edges table

66. how to get round edges table

67. Expandable Table Help

68. Can I create Dynamic Data Table?

69. data table div scrol

hi all, I am facing a problem, Consider the following case, suppose there are 25 records in the data table, i have an input field , if i type 20 in that field, scroller of that table shold scroll, and 20th record of the table sholud come in the visible are, and shold be highlight. is there any way in icefcaes, ...

70. table height 100%

Hi @all i just started using icefaces and the first strange thing i found is that full screen tables don't work anymore. I used the following construct in plain HTML before:

This worked fine like a BorderLayout with north, west, center, south. But with icefaces this don't work anymore and ...

72. Loop over Tables

73. Table captions?

Hi all. I'd like to use a caption with a Data Table. According to the HTML specification,, a Caption can be rendered for a table. And in the standard JSF component, it allows the DataTable to define a facet named "caption" to define one. However, it doesn't look like the Ice DataTable renders this. Has anyone been able to do ...

74. JSF Pivot Table

Hi Nuno, Yes, you probably can do that with ICEfaces, although it will probably take a bit of coding on your end. In 1.7 you now have the ability to use row and header groupings (see the 1.7 Component Showcase Table demo). And you an include any component in an ICEfaces dataTable cell, so you could respond to any click event ...

75. Create table from backing bean

76. Conditional display of data table

Hi, I want to display the conditionally if data is avilable only For example ..... first i want to check the size of the list and rendered the panel with the data. please help me out with the simple soultions.

77. Data Table Problem

79. expandable table variations

80. New ICEFaces compatible table component.

Hello, everyone. I have created a new Table component for use with ICEFaces called Snappy Table. It is designed to increase the responsiveness of table paging and selection, and to reduce the amount of JSF code needed to implement a simple table. Some of the features are: 1. Less code to implement. 2. Client Side rendering of selection and paging. No ...

82. table doesn't display datas

83. table + collapse