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1. IceFaces vs Trinidad

2. Icefaces and trinidad

3. Trinidad to ICEfaces Migration "guide"?

After seeing a demonstration of MyEclipse with ICEfaces I'm looking to perhaps migrate an application from Trindidad. I moved over all my files and did some quick search/replace and not a huge number of issues (at least from a validation perspective). But, it will take some time to figure out how to handle everything. I'm wondering if there is any sort ...

4. ICEfaces vs. Trinidad

5. using icefaces with trinidad

Hi, ICEfaces and Trinidad don't work together as Trinidad needs Ajax4JSF to enable Ajax support. When you are using ICEfaces you don't need to configure any Ajax specific libraries anymore as they are already included. If you are just looking for a richer component set I would suggest to have a look at the Tomahawk components. There's an article in the ...