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3. setEventPhase and valueChangeEvent listener in a SelectOneMenu Component

Hello. I'm expiriencing a problem with a SelectOneMenu component that fires a valueChangeEvent: As you can see, im using immediate=true and in the setEventPhase, i'm setting the Apply Request Values phase to process the action event within the backing bean. ...

6. valuechangeevent on drop down list

8. ValueChangeEvent problem

9. ValueChangeEvent does not fire

12. ICEFaces 2.0 Beta ValueChangeEvent on SelectOneMenu

Hi there, Maybe I have missed the point but I noticed the following behaviour which I cannot explain: Having a simple SelectOneMenu Say the SelectOneMenu contains 3 SelectItems (all Strings), "NewYork", "London" and "Berlin". If I leave the "selectedTour" property initially to "" I get a ValueChangeEvent fired every time I change ...

16. selectOneMenu with one item does not fire valueChangeEvent

I have a selectOneMenu with only one item in it. I have a valueChange(ValueChangeEvent e) method implementation in my bean. But it never gets fired since the only item in the menu is already selected. Is there a way to programmatically fire an event here or some other way to call valueChange method ?

17. Problem with ValueChangeEvent!

public class myApp { private String in; private String sel; public String getIn(){ return in ; } public void setIn(String in){ ; } public String getSel(){ return sel ; } public void setSel(String sel){ this.sel=sel ; } public void action() { in=sel; } public void change(ValueChangeEvent e) { String selitem = (String) e.getNewValue(); in=selitem; } }