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5. How do I use Acegi Security and ICEfaces together?

Ted: Thanks again for the recommendation, I've spent a lot of time reading about Acegi Security. The biggest help was: Not to sound negative, I don't have time to learn more about the dependency injection principles in Spring. I've seen one other full thread about using Acegi Security and ICEfaces together. How do I even get started using Acegi Security ...

6. ICEfaces using Acegi Security?

Is ICEfaces using or supporting Acegi Security? My problem with Acegi was that in order to use its authentication mechanism, you have to use its filters, and, as such, limited to plain html or jsp. But some design constraints that I have would make it much much more elegant as a JSF page. I was wondering if ICESoft developers have managed ...

7. ICEfaces & Acegi : Any example

Sure, good question, that refers to something that was unfinished in that example. In general, it's a challenge to create JAAS login pages in JSF as the JSF element name-mangling gets in the way of needing to post 'j_username' and 'j_password' field ids. MyFaces Tomahawk has a 'forceId' attribute to get around this, but we don't. So, originally, this example just ...

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9. Acegi security with ice faces

11. Implementation of Acegi

Hi, I would like to implement Acegi Security in Icefaces & Spring. I am facing a problem in rendering to the valid page after successful authentication. The entries related to Authentication in ApplicationContext.xml are as below: Before diverting to home.faces I need ...

12. Session invalidation problem in Acegi

14. ACEGI and Icefaces security.war example problem

vveinotte Joined: 22/03/2007 00:00:00 Messages: 30 Offline I downloaded Philip's security.war example from and have moved it to run in a Netbeans Web Application (not a visual web app) on Sun App Server 8.2. The application loads and the login.jspx (iface) page loads. When I type in a user name and password from the "demo notes" box I get an ...

15. Configuration with Facelets/Acegi

I am trying to port an existing app to IceFaces and am running into some issues. First of all icefaces-facelets.jar library won't allow me to use some of the custom tags in our facelets taglib. In particular are tags that call functions using the function-name, function-class, function-signature tags in facelets. These tags work in our pages with the tomahawk-facelets.jar lib, so ...

17. Role Based Access using Acegi

Hi all, I have implemented Acegi in my project with the version Acegi 1.0.3. I am able to login and see the Role based links, but the problem arises when I click on any of the Role based links for the first time. All the Role based links vanish and only the Non-Role based links are displayed. When I refresh the ...

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