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4. JavascriptContext.addJavascriptCall does not work after changing locale

Hi, I use JavascriptContext.addJavascriptCall to execute some js functions in an action event method. Everything works fine but just right after I change the locale it doesnt work properly anymore. I have to invoke the action twice or so to get the js function executed. Could someone give me a hint please? Thank you!

5. JavascriptContext.addJavascriptCall is not getting called after a validation error

Hi, In my application, I want to close the window after successfully submitting the record. I am checking for Mandatory fields entered before submitting to database. In case of any field missed out, validation error occurs and upon selecting the field and submitting the page again, the data gets entered into database but the window does not close. This problem will ...

8. AddJavascriptCall Need to execute script asynchronous!

Hi all, I've noticed that the AddJavascriptCall method of the JavascriptContext adds the scripts on the page and get them executed in a synchronous way!!! That's a pain... I mean: I have a component on my xhtml page that I can use only through javascript. Now I need to execute a really long operation on it (e.g 10000 javascript requests) wich ...