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6. Authentication and Session Timeouts in ICEfaces 2.0 - does it work?

Does anyone have authentication working with ICEfaces 2.0 that gracefully handles session timeouts? I have Spring Security 3 working in my app however, when the user's session timeout, the app stops responding. In 1.8.2 I would get a redirect to a login page. In 2.0 I get no redirect or any notification at all. I'm willing to use other authentication schemes ...

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8. JA-SIG Central Authentication Service integration

Hi everybody, there has been some wonderful time since the first release of our new ICEFaces application. Everything works fine and really amazing fast. But now again some new problems arise. We have to integrate a SSO implementation (JA-SIG Central Authentication Service) into our application. Therefore I defined a new Servlet-Filter as described in the documentation. It redirects me to the ...

9. Acegi Authentication is null durring server push

We just ran into this too, in 1.7.2 SP1. Looks like it's a legitimate issue. Our solution was to remove all usages of SecurityContextHolder.getContext(), and replace them with our own utility method which first checks SecurityContextHolder, and if that is null, check FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getSessionMap().get("ACEGI_SECURITY_CONTEXT"); Not sure who is stick that in the session, but it seems to always be there, even in ...

11. Custom authentication form

Hi I'm using IceFaces 1.6.1 on JBoss 4.2 Instead of using standard authentication (through specifying login-config/auth-method=FORM in the web.xml of my webapp, I would like to have in a banner page either a username/password fields + submit button if the user is not authenticated yet, or a simple display of his user name if he is logged in. The second part ...

12. J2EE Authentication with ICEfaces