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1. problem issue in using checkbox in datatable

Hi all I want to use as a column in datateble and I my code is


but ...

2. Icefaces: Disable validations with checkbox or similar

I want to disable the required attribute of the inputText, or any other validator, depending on the value of the selectBooleanCheckBox when I click on the Save Button, How I can ...

4. selectboolean checkbox

Sorry, I clicked submit prematurely ;) ... Do you want to select either value or only one at a time. If you want to select only one, ice:selectOneRadio is your friend (just replace the ice:selectManyCheckbox tag). Otherwise, use the code I already posted. Don't forget to bind your values to backing bean properties (...value="#{bean.property1}" ...). SelectBooleanCheckBox is for .... boolean values. ...

5. simulate checking a checkbox

7. Formatting the checkboxes

Hi I am using to display the checkboxes. the verticleList is i get that from the database and i am successfully able to display this . As you can observe, for the layout attribute there have been two values, one is lineDirection , which displays horizantally and pageDirection, which displays Vertically. Now the problem is ...

9. 'Select Page' Checkbox updating data table

Hi, I am trying to do the following using iceface 1.7.0. I am trying to implement a 'Select Page' checkbox in conjunction with a datatable. Each row in the datatable contains a selectBooleanCheckBox. So when the select all check box is selected the rows in the table are then set to be selected. The select page is implemented as follows:

10. Tree with checkboxes. UI backing bean problem

Hi, I saw a post recently that said if you use ice:setEventPhase to change the event phase instead of doing this in the listener, the method would be run on the correct node, so this is a lot easier than caching the current node when the listener first runs... I haven't personally tested this though. Regards, Radu

12. Sort selected check boxes in a data table

Hi All, Please help me to solve a problem. I have a data table and first column of the data table contains check boxes (Boolean value). my data table supports sorting. when I sort the based on the 1st column, objects(data) are sorted but the selected check boxes remain same(mean in previously selected state). my requirement is that, all selected check ...

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18. icefaces check box issues

20. How to thwart a checkbox toggle

21. need help (tristate checkbox)

22. DataTable CheckBox!

If you are not selecting the checkboxes seperately, you should be able to bind them to a boolean value. Checking one would then select all of them. I think. If you want to select checkboxes seperately and a select all, as long as each Object in your list of values has a boolean attribute, bind each one of those to each ...

23. checkbox very slow

24. Put a check box into table

25. Help: tree component with checkbox

I have seen several questions regarding using the tree component with checkboxes. The only answer I see is to use images. If anyone has an sample code or guidelines on using selectManyCheckbox with layout spread or selectCheckBox I would greatly appreciate it. I have tried but cannot get it to work. Our trees have many nodes so rendering images seems like ...

29. indexed list with checkboxes

30. Datatable with checkboxes

31. Issue with CheckBox Inside a DataTable

Hello everybody. I am having some issues with a checkbox inside a DataTable, and would appreciate some advice. The checkbox has a value change Listener and is supposed to change the Boolean value when its selection status changes visually but that behavior is not does Nothing. Something interesting is if I put another checkbox outside DataTable it is able to ...

33. about checkbox

34. Problem with checkbox in datatable and inputFile

Hi!!, I have a problem with a checkbox in a datatable. Sampling data from a file that is loaded from an ice: inputFile in a datatable. One of the fields in the table is an ice: selectBooleanCheckbox which is controlled by a boolean property: id="checkEnvio" The problem is that when loading the table, always shows the checkbox unchecked ...

35. Disable validation using a checkbox

Hello. I have this problem. I want to disable the required attribute of the inputText, or any other validator, depending on the value of the selectBooleanCheckBox when I click on the Save Button, How I can do it? I tried this, but with not result.


38. checkbox within dataTable

Hello, since it is not possible to use the rowSelector and SelectOneBox in the dataTable, i have decided to use the checkbox to select the row which i want to modify. To do this i have the following code in the jspx file: ...

39. checkbox for each table row

41. automatic reset of check box

42. Multi checkbox

43. Datatable checkbox

It's not difficult at all! You just add a boolean value to your beans from the list rendered in the dataTable, and a column which includes just the where row is your iterating var (you don't need any listener in here). Next, add a button "Delete all" and on it's listener traverse your list of beans and ...

44. checkbox with immediate

45. component instance binding question(dynamic number of checkboxes)

I am trying the extend the checkbox functionality in the timzone4 application. Instead of having a static number of checkbox I have a dynamic set of checkboxes. And when a checkbox is clicked it needs to add a corresponding row on the table. For this, each dynamically created checkbox should have a different id(id=) so that on the valueChangeEvent can identify ...

46. Data table with checkboxes

48. Check box in icefaces

49. Grouping the checkboxes

51. Disabling a checkbox

52. How to stop datatable from reloading when I click a checkbox or row selection

Hi fellow members, I have a datatable which has a column for checkbox and row selector functionalities. After some "investigation" of the datatable, it seems whenever I click on the checkbox or row selection, the binding values will be set according but then the entire backing bean of the datatable will be re-initialized... This causes all the values to be reset... ...

53. checkbox select all

davisoski wrote: Hi radu I'm interested in doing the same but to select all the elements in a selectManyListBox..but what it mean exactly your code. I don't use this kind of things in my code and I don't know if it necessary. Could you please explain what the code means?? Thanks That code is useful for when you have ...

54. refresh table with checkbox

public void buscaRutinas(RowSelectorEvent event){ this.setBotonConfirma(Constante.DESACTIVAR); for(int i = 0; i < this.modulos.length;i++){ if(modulos[i].isMarcado()){ //modulo actual currentModulo = modulos[i]; if(modulos[i].getProgramasList().size() > 0){ //programa actual currentPrograma = (Programa)modulos[i].getProgramasList().get(0); rutinas = new Rutina[((Programa)modulos[i].getProgramasList().get(0)).getRutinaList().size()]; ((Programa)modulos[i].getProgramasList().get(0)).getRutinaList().toArray(rutinas); for(int j = 0; j < rutinas.length;j++){ System.out.println(""); DetalleAcceso aux = new DetalleAcceso( modulos[i].getIdModulo(), ((Programa)modulos[i].getProgramasList().get(0)).getIdPrograma(), rutinas[j].getIdRutina(), //this.currentUsuario.getId_usuario()); 1); for(DetalleAcceso da : detalleAcceso){ if(da.equals(aux)){ rutinas[j].setMarcado(true); } } } //rutinas } else ...

55. Rowselector and checkbox

Hi, I have checkboxes in the first column of a datatable (see screenshot) and one can click on a row to open the associated document. All works fine, but the problem is that there is space around the checkboxes : when the user does not click exactly on the checkbox, the document is opened... I saw but it is marked ...

57. checkbox size not the same