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1. commandLink does not work on the first click

I've found some questions that seem related to this one, but none describes exaclty what is happening to my web app. Here it goes: it's a very simple app, with a ...

2. Iceface 2.0 commandLink partial submit doesn't work

I have a page which takes in request params for place, then generate information, for example, The purpose of doing this is to let user bookmark the link. In the weather.jsf, ...

3.  tag not found

I cant seem to get to work. I am using icefaces and a very simple with two columns. One with actions such as remove and the other ...

4. ice:row selector vs ice:commandlink in icefaces

I have used commandlink inside a datatable-column. What I want is when I click on commandlink then it should display something which is related to the clicked row(object). So in order ...

5. Partial refresh of the div content when clicked on commandLink

I am designing a page which has a set of commandLinks on my page. Onclick of these commandLink i want to change the content of the body (partial refresh) with the corresponding content of the link selected. My page has header, body and footer. so on change of the commandLink item in the header, my body content has to be changed ...

6. Retain styles for ice:commandLink after page is refreshed.

I had to implement a tree structure depending on the commandLink. For this i have commnad link in one panelGroup and tree on other panelgroup . Tree needs to be refreshed as +/- images were not coming. As soon as page is reffreshed using javascript w.ndow.location('true') , the styles for commandLink are gone . So any solution to regain the style ...

7. Problem with commandLink styles

8. Dynamically adding commandLink

9. Clicking on <ice:commandLink> is not submiting the form

Interesting, this is the first time I've heard of this problem. Can you make sure that your are not adding and removing the connection status component dynamically from the Portlet? Also if you haven't already take a look at the portlet examples in the component-showcase sample application. These demos show the preffered template for a Portlet application.

12. Commandlink id binded with bean value error

Hi, Thanx for looking into this. -- This works Where as : Gives following error : SEVERE: Servlet.service() for servlet Blocking Servlet threw exception java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: #{} at javax.faces.component.UIComponentBase.validateId( at javax.faces.component.UIComponentBase.setId( at javax.faces.webapp.UIComponentTag.createComponent( at javax.faces.webapp.UIComponentClassicTagBase.createChild( at javax.faces.webapp.UIComponentClassicTagBase.findComponent( at javax.faces.webapp.UIComponentClassicTagBase.doStartTag( at com.icesoft.faces.component.CommandLinkTag.doStartTag( at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.parser.Parser.executeJspLifecycle( at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.parser.Parser.executeJspLifecycle( at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.parser.Parser.executeJspLifecycle( at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.parser.Parser.executeJspLifecycle( at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.parser.Parser.executeJspLifecycle( at com.icesoft.faces.webapp.parser.Parser.executeJspLifecycle( at ...

14. commandButton and commandLink not calling action method

I am trying to integrate icefaces (especially the ajax push) into my project: Spring 2.5.6 Spring Web Flow 2.0.4 JSF 1.2 (Mojarra 1.2.12) facelets Tomcat 1.6.18 Richfaces 3.3 I am trying out icefaces 1.7.2 SP1 (I also tried out 1.8.0 DR2) using just-ice.jar, icefaces-facelets.jar, icefaces-comps.jar. I have a simple xhtml page that I use to try out the ajax push features ...

15. Using ice:commandLink

16. please help( commandLink in td )

17. Custom component with commandLink

18. ice:commandLink

19. ice:commandLink no execute action in Tree Component!


22. CommandLink inside Tree not invoking Bean Action nor ActionListener

I have a problem with a commandLink inside a tree and can't find the mistake. Maybe someone of you sees the problem. Part of the page: ... ...

23. problem with javascript generation by commandlink/commandbutton

Hi, I'm trying to get started with icefaces but seem to be falling at the first hurdle. I tried to create a page which then forwards to another page using either a icefaces commandLink or commandButton to submit the form. However the javascript in the created page is wrong / missing - the onclick method is just "javascript:". Doing the same ...

24. commandLink actionListener and MethodNotFound problem [SOLVED]

ballen Joined: 22/04/2009 00:00:00 Messages: 22 Offline I want to click on a commandLink and have an effect run on a panelGroup. Simple right? When I click the commandLink I get a MethodNotFound exception. Simple enough error, except that the method IS there. This is a bare bones example of the problem. Any iceface gurus that can shed some icy light ...

26. Unable to get <f:attribute to work with commandLink>

Hi, Hopefully a simple issue. I am trying to pass an attribute from the following code; private String getLink(UIComponent component){ Mapattrs = component.getAttributes(); return (String)attrs.get("MyAttr"); } When debugging getLink gets called, however MyAttr is null, why ? Isn't this just standard JSF stuff ? I am using Icefaces 1.7.2. Any help would be ...

28. selecteinputtext + commandLink

29. ice:commandLink problem!!!

Hi all, I hava a commandLink in a portlet (liferay). This commandLink works fine when tree Component is not rendered (both components are at the same .xhtml). When this happens, when you click on the link, the page refreshes instead of showing the popup like AJAX The backing bean for modal popup and tree component have is in Scope.SESSION. This commandLink ...

34. [Solved] DataTable with commandLink

36. Partial submit of ignoring commandLink action

I have a page that has an which uses a partial submit to validate the date format and display an error message if appropriate (incorrect date format entered). It also has a commandLink to refresh the list of data based upon the date range entered. If you make a change to the date field manually (do not use the pop ...

37. ice:commandlink

Hi, Im pretty new to JSF and icefaces. javascript code function showWaitSymbol() { document.getElementById("nextStep").style.display="none"; document.getElementById("showWait").style.display="block"; } icefaces code

The problem im facing right now ...

38. facelets and commandlink

39. commandLink opening new window

40. ice:commandLink

41. commandLink with no text

42. css problem with <ice:commandLink>

43. CommandLink in SeriesPanel

44. commandLink on iceface 1.8.0

i was using commandLink on iceface and i have an action and return which navigate to another page. but the when i drag and drop commandLink from the palette and run the project it raise the following error javax.servlet.ServletException: java.lang.Exception: javax.faces.FacesException: com.sun.rave.web.ui.appbase.ApplicationException: Missing Form - the UIComponent of type [class com.icesoft.faces.component.ext.HtmlCommandLink] requires a containing form. java.lang.Exception: javax.faces.FacesException: com.sun.rave.web.ui.appbase.ApplicationException: Missing Form - ...

46. Exception while setting dynamic values in commandLink

I am a complete JSF/Icefaces noob. I am trying to assign long values from my backing bean to a param component. If I hard code a static value, it plays nice. But when I try assigning the long value from my bean, I get a long winded exception. Code: ----------------------------------- ...

47. commandLink

48. (javascript:;) appears next to commandLink

Hello, whenever I define a commandLink: The page renders with a button like this Submit(javascript:;) The text (javascript:;) is append right after the name of the link. The actionListener does work. My set up is Icefaces 1.8.2 with Facelets. I used the Facelets Tutorial as a starting point. Thanks in advance Bj

50. Opening a page in a new frame using

52. SelectOneBooleanCheckbox within a commandLink

Hi All, I am currently developing a system that adds a checkbox to the screen. if the checkbox is not selected then its fine i just click and it makes the value selected. if the checkbox is selected i need to popup a confirmation dialog then set the value to false. The approach i have taken is to put the checkbox ...

53. commandLink and Parameters

I figured it out guys. I was trying to use the

55. Missing commandLink output

Hi, I have a form that contains a commandLink, something like this; Now, I notice that when I click on submit button in the form, the "Do something" will disappear. This is true if I have a Direct-to-DOM going when a page refreshes, the commandLink output is gone. Is this a bug? or am ...

56. Attribute enabledOnUserRole on and

57. How can a commandLink navigate to a 2nd form and position to a row in its dataTable?

formA contains a dataTable. Each row in this dataTable has a loan number. In each row, I wrap this loan number in a commandLink. This commandLink points to formB. It also has a f:setPropertyActionListener that stores the loan number in a session bean. Clicking the commandLink successfully navigates to formB. In formB's constructor I take the loan number from the session ...

59. Detail a DataTable using

60. Exception When commandLink Is Clicked

61. how to open a page using commandLink?

62. commandLink actionListener not working

Hello, I am trying to use a commandLink with an actionListener to perform some tasks when something is clicked. The request is being sent to the server (including the parameter) but nothing happens. The bean method that is bound to the actionListener does not execute. This is the problematic code snippet Code:

64. Performance Issue on ice:commandLink

I have a commandLink on a datatable with 100-1000 entries. When I click the link I pass an hidden id and render a modal dialog. It was taking a long time to run, so I used Firebug to check the request and response times. The form is doing a javascript get to POST and its hanging, 30 seconds or so, before ...

65. Change Color Of

66. Icefaces

68. commandlink param not sent within tree component

I am using a tree with a param value to set when calling the backing bean but this value is never set on the backing bean when the link is clicked from within the tree. I have tried this using the sun ri jsf and myfaces within the icefaces 1.5 and 1.5.1 but this still doesn't seem to set the value. ...

69. Problem with ice:commandLink with immediate=true and form submitted values

I have a form with many inputTexts, some have a commandLink near with immediate set to true. This commandLinks are use to show a list (dataTable inside a form) of values to select. Once the value is selected, the application back to the original form screen and show the value selected in the inputText. If I put a value in an ...

70. how to place image in commandLink?

71. commandLink open panelPopup


72. ice:commandLink causes Chess n mate

74. commandLink into a Selector

76. Problem with selectOneMenu and commandLink

Hi, in a same jspx page, i have a datatable composed of several rows, with in each one, a selectOneMenu for choosing relative data. Out of ma datatable, i have a commandLink which makes visible an hidden part of my interface. When i don't click on one of selectOneMenu of the datatable, everything will be all right (commandLink runs fine and ...

77. Browser Back Button with commandLink action

I am using IceFaces 1.6, Facelets, and Jboss 4.2. I am trying to implement a simple page flow that goes something like this: 1. user starts at index page (index.iface) 2. user clicks commandLink with an action=foo.iface 3. foo is displayed 4. user clicks the browser back button 5. user is returned to index page (index.iface) All works, except at step ...

78.  not displaying full page.

80. commandLink no render

Does the link show up at first in both browsers, and then after some interaction only show up in one? If so, then you can use the CONTROL-SHIFT-T logger thing before doing that interaction, and compare the logs to see how they differ. But if it just never shows in one, and does show in the other, then I'm at a ...

82. Dynamically created panelPopup's and commandLink to access them (help!)

Please forgive me if I seem ignorant - I am an ASP programmer turned java and JSF, so I am very new to this. I am trying to get a dataTable full of property items (from a database) to have each ID clickable to a panelPopup that contains information about that particular item. Example (the list): Code: 1 name1 ShortDesc 2 ...

87. commandLink and back button, page navigation

Hello All, Anyone else with the problem where clicking on the back button will seem to make actions in the commandLink void? For Example: 1. User clicks commandLink A 2. New page is displayed 3. User clicks back button, previous page is displayed 4. User clicks commandLink A 5. Nothing seems to happen In my faces-config file, I added the ...

88. commandLink don't get styled at all

89. CommandLink and DataTable

90. adding f:attribute dynamically to a dynamically created CommandLink

Hi all, I have a CommandLink component that I am generating dynamically and adding it to an HtmlPanelGroup. Please see code below to see what I mean. Now, I would like to add f:attribute name="property" value="first" /> So basically, I want equivalent result of doing something like this but want to do it dynamically.

91. Navigating to another jsp from

92. commandlink problem

cazuluaga Joined: 08/05/2008 00:00:00 Messages: 7 Offline Hey team !!! I have a commandlink with a param that execute an action: Code: this is my backendbean method Code: public String delete(){ Map requestMap = (Map)exctx.getRequestParameterMap(); String codModulo = (String)requestMap.get("bcodModule"); request.setAttribute("codEmpr", txtEmpresa.getValue().toString()); request.setAttribute("bcodModule", viewObjectSelected.getValor1()); return "delete"; } when i execute the ...

94. ice:commandLink href parameter

96. CommandLink must be contained in a form?

I'm glad you're working with ICEfaces + Facelets :) On page 39 of ICEfacesGettingStarted.pdf, the three JARs listed (icefaces-facelets.jar, el-api.jar, el-ri.jar) are to be used in addition to the JARs from the previous steps, not just by themselves. Pages 6 through 8 of ICEfacesGettingStarted.pdf list and describe all of the JAR dependencies. As well, you can take ICEfaces-Community-1.0.0-Beta\samples\timezone.war and copy and ...

97. Icefaces commandlink action not working on browser back

Hi, I am using Liferay 5.2.3, Icefaces 1.8 to develop the portlet. I am having one commandlink with action. It works fine for the first time. If I use browser back button and come back to that page again then that commandlink action is not working. Can anyone please help me? Thank you.