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1. Premature session timeout when using connectionLostRedirectURI context-param

It still does I'm afraid, the parameter is used to provide a way to redirect to another page when the session/connection times out. When I removed this parameter I get the default pop-up "Network Connection Interrupted". I just don't understand why this is happening after 2 or 3 minutes despite me tweaking all the settings in web.xml

2. connectionLostRedirectURI stops working if com.icesoft.faces.synchronousUpdate = true

As the subject header states, the redirect URI context param stops working if com.icesoft.faces.synchronousUpdate is set to true in web.xml. What is happening is that the custom timeout page does not display anymore, it simply shows the default icefaces timeout pop-up. Why is this? i.e. this is what i have: com.icesoft.faces.connectionLostRedirectURI 'timeout.iface' with the below, my timeout page is ...