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1. Setting date from selectInputDate to object

I have a date controller which does various things. Once a calendar date is set, I want to pass the value from the date controller to another bean. The problem I ...

4. selectInputDate returning wrong date

5. Having problems with Dates

I don't mean I'm having relationship issues, but I have started getting problems displaying Dates. Not 100% but I cant help thinking its because we're now in british summer time. For example, in my DB I have a field call it myDate, which is mapped to a with the @Temporal(javax.persistence.TemporalType.DATE) annotation. In the DB (Mysql) this value is set to ...

6. Date Dispalying issue.

7. Ice with Joda Date Time libraries

8. select input date issues with 1.8

9. select input date issues with 1.8

We are seeing a number of selectinputdate issues with 1.8. I've opened jria's for both of these. ice-4401 if you enter a date vs. selecting a date and tab off the date field, focus does not return to the component, in 1.70 focus would go to the calendar image. There were some changes in element.js , described in ice-4401 that seem ...

10. Retrieves one day less than the Actual Date

Hi, I had an issue in retrieving the date. I am using component and i will select 28/04/2009 (dd/MM/yyyy) and when i store it this to the Data base it will be stored as 28-Apr -2009 12:30:00 if the current time is 7 AM because the Indian time is GMT+5:30 so it adds 5:30 to 7:00 . if i map ...

11. selectInputDate problem - one day before date

the calendar component is showing one day less than the backing bean property has set. I've traced the backing bean value and don't know why it's happening. The operation i've done is to send the date from a facelet page with a f:param. The page with the calendar receives the parameter in the backing bean correctly, and the getter method for ...

12. selectInputDate date format problem with dynamic locale switching

User needs ability to switch locale dynamically on a screen that has selectInputDate components. We keep locale variable in a session been to which we value-bind the locale drop-down. We use the locale in It works well for outputTexts and other components, but selectInputDate components behave strangely. The date format varies according to the locale the user ...

14. reset date to original date in datechange listener

I am working on resetting a chosen value from calendar popup in selectInputDate component to its original value. Iam not able to do so by using the following code. Date oldDate=event.getOldValue(); Date newDate=event.getNewValue(); if(isInValidDate(newDate)){ currentRecord.setDate(newDate); } currentRecord is the record under consideration. The date is not being reset. Thanks for your time. Any clues wud be appreciated. Sai

15. Incorrect Date display calander componet when setting date

hi , my problem is when i set value for date component it display as incorrect date .I'm getting date from db using query . for ex: '07/07/2009' then i format it : DateFormat formatter = new SimpleDateFormat("dd/MM/yyyy"); Date today = formatter.parse( BirthDate); birthdatePicker.setvalue(today); when i go to page it display date as '06/07/2009' but before setting date i print it ...

16. Release date for 1.8.2

17. Custom Date Converter

19. selectinputdate disable future date

20. selectInputDate storing select date minus 1

I am using Icefaces 1.8.1 and when I am selecting a date using selectInputDate tag popup window then it is storing selected date -1 day into backing bean date property. the date property i am using java.util.Date type. example If I select the date 10/23/2009 , but In the backing bean date property showing 10/22/2009. could you some one help me ...

21. How do I allow user to only select date by popup and disable inputText?

I ended up just accepting having a textbox next to the calendar popup icon. There are ways it can be done, but it's more trouble to me than it's worth. Plus, many people told me that they don't like those calendar popups and get frustrated when they can't enter the date manually, so I'm just making sure I have good validation ...

23. ice:selectInputDate invalid date

24. Text in input date (HEEEEELP PLIZZ!!)

26. disable the selection of the past date in the icefaces calendar (selectInputDate) component

The component itself does not support this. You can always try to hack it with javascript... but I wouldn't try that. It might be easier to build a calendar component in the first place. Maybe the best way yet is to let the user enter the date and validate it on commit. Cheers

27. Inputselect Date

[b]HI frens, Im having an issue with the tag::< ice:inputselectDate>.. ISSUE is:: Am retrieving date (dd-mm-yyyy-HH:mm:ss)from database .... but while am displaying that date in UI screen , its get changed... ie HH(hour) changes to (HH+5:30hrs).. for example:::: in managed bean --> dbDate=02-01-2010 16:49 while displaying this date in xhtml file;;; :::; output is:: 02-01-2010 08:49

28. Issue with ice:selectInputDate when entering an invalid date format

Hi, I am expected to enter a Date in the Date component that I use in my application.I am using ice:selectInputDate in my jspx and the page is residing in a tab. When I try to enter an invalid date format, the page hangs and I am not able to navigate anywhere in the tab or outside of the tab. So ...

29. ice:selectInputDate - Incorrect Date Showing

Hi All, I seem to be experiencing a problem with the ice:selectInputDate. The problem is only occuring on the server that uses the Central European Timezone. (GMT +1) On my local machine the timezone is GMT + 2 and if I check the date on the server it is correct. The problem is: When I select 2 March 2010, and set ...

32. Calendar date selection

33. selectInputDate is changing date format in the bean

I have the following selectInputDate defined in .jspx file: So, when I select the date from the calendar, it shows up on the text field as MM-dd-yyyy format. However, when I access that date in the backing bean it is in the format "Wed Dec 22 19:00:00 EST 2010". Can someone please tell ...

35. future date validator

37. Dependent date fields

Hello, I'm a newbie with ICEFaces, and I would like how I can update one field value that depends on the value of another field in the same form. For example. I have two "ice:selectInputDate" in the same form. The second date must be greater than the first one. So I would like that when user changes the value of the ...

38. Server-Time/Date with AJAX-Poll

39. SelectInputDate popup auto closing after date selection

I used very straightforward SlectInputDate: ----- It works OK. But after the user select a date in the popup, the popup itself does not close - the user has to make an extra click to close it. I know this may be related to the time components I have. Is ...

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41. SelectInputDate: disable some dates

42. Date Masking

45. sliding date pickedr

47. selectInputDate problems - wrong date!

I am using IceFACES 1.7. I have a selectInputDate In my bean, when the date is set, I do a date.toString(), and the value is always the day before what is selected. For example, if I set my date to March 1st, 2008 the value I print out is Fri Feb 29 19:00:00 EST 2008 Any idea why?

48. SelectInputDate with custom date formats

We are using a custom date type; MyDateType. This type is convertable to and from java.util.Date, but has no hierarchical relation with it. Our backing bean properties to set/get the date look like: public MyDatetype getDate(); public void setDate(MyDateType myDateType); Even though I can configure a converter wit SelectInputDate, it seems that this converter is only used for formatting the internal ...

49. Date validator

50. selectInputDate decrease the date set from the bean

Hi everybody, i have in my project an edit page. one of the fields to edit is a date. i used selectInputDate to allow user changing date value. My probleme is that the date is always decreased by one day. when i have 10/10/2005 for exampele i get 09/10/2005. what's the probleme pleasze ?