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2. ace:dateTimeEntry That Allows Null

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5. dateTimeEntry is not shown in the tutorial autogenerated page

One more thing I've discovered... I think it is related (but I'm not sure)... There is JavaScript errors in the calendar.js during loading the page - it may prevent showing the component (please, see attached image for the error). It is kind of bummer that the IceFaces 2.0 tutorial simple page doesn't work... Thanks again, Renat

9. ace:dateTimeEntry doesn't work in French

/* Parse existing date and initialise date picker. */ _setDateFromField: function(inst, noDefault) { if (inst.input.val() == inst.lastVal) { return; } var dateFormat = this._get(inst, 'dateFormat'); var dates = inst.lastVal = inst.input ? inst.input.val() : null; var date, defaultDate; date = defaultDate = this._getDefaultDate(inst); var settings = this._getFormatConfig(inst); try { date = this.parseDate(dateFormat, dates, settings) || defaultDate; } catch (event) { this.log(event); ...