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i'm trying to build a typical available/selected list chooser. basically, two list boxes where the use can move items between the two lists. because i wanted to allow drag and drop between the two lists, i started by modeling this as two one-column tables. because the DnD attributes are only for panelGroups, i didn't see a way to make the standard ...

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Could anyone explain to me why the release notes for v1.8.0 state... "The ice:panelPopup component has been improved to support using both "autoCentre" or "autoPosition" and "draggable" attributes at the same time. When either "autoCentre" or "autoPosition" are set to true as well as "draggable=true", the panelPopup will initially be positioned as defined by "autoCentre" or "autoPosition". However, if the panelPopup ...

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Hi, I did not yet try to use drag and drop on complete table rows, but what you can do is to use the drag and drop feature on table cells what would be pretty much the same in the end. Just put a draggable/droppable panelGroup inside your column tag. The rest is equivalent to the default usage of drag and ...

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There is a problem with pressing the escape-button while dragging around a panelGroup in Icefaces. If the button is pressed, the dragged item is dropped at the current mouse position and no further events are invoked. Therefore it would be nice that on pressing "escape" the drag item is put back in it's old position and so the drag is cancelled ...

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Hi there! I was playing today with the panelPopup component and I noticed something quite odd: if you make it draggable and drag it ... it generates a server side activity. That's odd in the first place, but I said ... well, maybe it's for saving position or something like that. But the biggest problem is that it performs actually a ...

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Hopefully the attached screenshot will make this simpler to explain. the tree on the left hand panel acts as a menu from which options can be dragged to the right hand tree. Both the left hand menu panel, and the right hand tree are contained in popup panels. The left hand menu is autoPositioned so that as the right hand tree ...

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I'm setting up a page where I have multiple drop targets, and I need to get a handle to the actual HtmlPanelGroup that received the drop. In the drag listener, I do this: String id = e.getTargetClientId(); HtmlPanelGroup target=(HtmlPanelGroup)FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getViewRoot().findComponent(id); where e is the DragEvent passed into the listener. The problem is, target always ends up "null", even though I've checked the ...