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1. dragAndDropTreeTable - How to drop on a leaf?    icefaces.org

I've created a TreeTable in my backing bean, populating it with a bunch of TreeTable Nodes. The drag and drop works, but I'm unable to drop a leaf onto another leaf. It seems I am only able to drop onto nodes that already have children. Is this configurable? Do I have to populate every node with an empty child? Thanks, Brian ...

2. DragAndDropTreeTable Problem    icefaces.org

Problem Description: I'm using the ice-cc:dragAndDropTreeTable, it does not act the same on all browsers ... The problem is that i put it in a ice:panelGroup style="width:300px; height:300px; overflow:auto;" and when you use the scroll bar with the mouse button pressed that's when i encounter the problem ... it doesn't have relative addresses. For a parent node to light up i ...

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