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Using ICEfaces 1.7.0 (April 2008 release) on a MacBook running 10.5.5: I'm trying to create two tables: The first has a column of draggable elements and the other has a column of target areas. The idea is to populate the latter by dragging elements from the former onto it. I mocked up an example to try this out (code below). The ...

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I have 2 select inputtext comonents, user types text in the first text box and he enters in to the next text box, with out selecting any thing from the first dropdown, evn he do the same for second dropdown, but still the drop down appears on the screen and it hides the other field in the page. Is it possible ...

9. Drag and Drop problem with IE6    icefaces.org

Hi, I have a problem with the drag and drop function in the IE6. Under Firefox and IE7 it's running fine, but if I drop a draggable element in the IE6 its dropped in the box above of the one I pointed. So the drop position is about 150px above my cursor. I'm creating a portlet for Liferay, don't know if ...

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I'm trying to do the Shopping Cart example works in my machine but it's not. I copied the exact code of the page, added the ICEfaces libraries in the project and it doesn't work. Are there any page that explains how to build this application? Does Anyone know some tutorial about Drag and Drop Component? Thanks!

15. Drag And Drop missing values    icefaces.org

Hi Cheers Yes, They are identical. I will explain the problem again. some times when I drag objects on drop targets the droplistener doesn't be invoked. and this usually happens when the mouse bieng sticky with the draggable object which prevent it from invoking the listener. and some other times it being invoked but send an error events (i.e The user ...

16. Drag And Drop missing values    icefaces.org

17. Problem with drag and drop using dynamic number of panelGroups    icefaces.org

public class Popup implements Serializable { private String includeUrl = "/test.jspx"; private int xPos = 0; private int yPos = 0; public void dropListener(DropEvent dragEvent) { System.out.println("here - test - " + dragEvent.getEventType()); } public void dragListener(DragEvent dragEvent) { System.out.println("here - test - " + dragEvent.getEventType()); } public String getIncludeUrl() { return includeUrl; } public void setIncludeUrl(String includeUrl) { this.includeUrl = ...

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I have just upgraded to icefaces 1.82. I have a page where I can drag images onto other images. With 1.82, it seems like when I drag, at some point, the content being dragged goes away from under the mouse. From I can see, the position of what I drag goes to x=5000px, y=5000px. The hover under the mouse still works ...

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public void dragListener(DragEvent dragEvent){ ProductoBean dragValue = new ProductoBean(); boolean error = false; dragValue = (ProductoBean) dragEvent.getTargetDragValue(); if (dragEvent.getEventType() == DndEvent.HOVER_START){ //Code to include dragValue into shopping list. Works fine. } if (dragEvent.getEventType() == DndEvent.HOVER_END){ System.out.println("I'm going to delete product: "+dragValue.getNombre()); <----- NullPointerException for dragValue error = carrito.remove(dragValue); System.out.println("error: "+error); } }

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Drag and drop does not work correctly: the listener "dragPanelListener" is never called. The identical code works correctly, if I remove the facelets view handler "D2DFaceletViewHandler" from my faces-config.xml file. I am quite sure that there is a problem with the D2DFaceletViewHandler! I have inserted the attached code into the timezone5 tutorial application. The result is the same as in my ...

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34. Two question concerning Drag&Drop    icefaces.org

Hi all, currently I'm working on a project that requires a drag&drop feature. The application should be able to drag&drop item within the same div. It's more like the application should be able to move item within the same div. the div is scrollable. Now I'm currently trying to implement this feature but have some problems. 1. After a drag & ...

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37. Need help with drag and drop on trees...    icefaces.org

Hi, I need help again. I'm stumped on the drag-and-drop for trees. In short, I've set up my tree where the nodes are draggable and clickable. The click (using the actionListener) works fine. The dragging though, does not appear to generate the proper events. The methods registered with the dragListener and the dropListener seems to be inconsequential, as no errors are ...

38. Drag Drop Javascript error    icefaces.org

Hi, I have created a web app in which i have used the drag drop effect, i have mimicked the same example as shown in the component showcase example but whenever i browse to that particular page i get following two javascript errors. 1. Object doesnt support this property or method 2.Ice.Status.A0gg is null or not an object And when i ...

39. Drag and Drop with hundreds of drop target is slow    icefaces.org

hi ! In my page I have hundreds of dropTragets for a few dragable elements, when I drop a dragable elements, it takes a long time for the browser to refresh. I even get the hourglass, it seems to be taking lots of CPU to update the DOM in the browser side. I narrowed the problem to the browser side, it's ...

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41. Drag 'n' Drop wondering...    icefaces.org

I realise that ICEFace doesn't claim to support IE5.5 but all components seem to work perfectly in IE5.5 with the exception of the Drag 'n' Drop example in which the draggable appears below where it should. (Are there any others that don't work??) What is strange is that the example on the Scriptaculous (ICEFaces is partly based on this framework isn't ...

42. Drag and Drop Bug?    icefaces.org

Hi, In our application we have a view that very much looks like windows explorer , i.e. with a tree and a table that are synchronized to show the appropriate content. We have also used the drag and drop functionality in the table (which works fine) and even though I have read post on drag and drop not being supported in ...

43. Drag N Drop - Session Invalited    icefaces.org

Hi, I am completely new to IceFaces, I will probably ask already answered questions but I didn't find anything for me. I try to use Drag N Drop capabilities of the panelgroup. My project is as simple as I can: 2 panelgroups and 1 inputText. As soon as, I set a DropListener (or DragListener), I encounter a "session already invalidated". My ...

44. Tree Drag and drop in 1.6 ??    icefaces.org

Hi I was looking for a tree drag and drop enhancement in the 1.6 release but failed to find one, is it planned for the next relaese? Is their any way by which we can achieve this , i.e dragging a tree structure and adding it to another tree structure ?? thanks and regards Rajat

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51. Drag & Drop doesn't work using Facelets and IE    icefaces.org

I have a drap & drop page that works with no problems in both Firefox and Opera. Within IE7 it doesn't even drap the components and doesn't work at all. I have attached the file for the xhtml page if anyone can provide me with some help on this. I am using icefaces 1.6.1 with jsf 1.2 and facelets. many thanks ...

54. Calculate position on dropping    icefaces.org

I want to drag an element and drop it on an image and then store the element position on a db so the next time user visit the page the element will be in the same position. Standard drag and drop mechanism allow me to drop an element on the image (or, in the large, on an area) but, how i ...

58. Drag and drop : How to limit dragging bug ?    icefaces.org

Hi, I'm searching for tips to limit drag bugs. I'm using 1.7beta1 and "pointerDraw" option since I have scrollable containers. Here some bugs I'm encountering : _ sometimes dragged div "wraps" and lag _ dragged div can be "lost": the div lost is fixed on top of the page and never disappears. _ dragged div into scrolled container causes "top" calculation ...

59. Drag and drop support in tree component?    icefaces.org

public void swap(NodeUserObject fromNode, NodeUserObject toNode) { DefaultMutableTreeNode fromTreeNode = findTreeNodeByUserObject( rootTreeNode, fromNode); DefaultMutableTreeNode toTreeNode = findTreeNodeByUserObject( rootTreeNode, toNode); if (fromTreeNode != null && toTreeNode != null) { fromTreeNode.setUserObject(toNode); toTreeNode.setUserObject(fromNode); } } private DefaultMutableTreeNode findTreeNodeByUserObject( DefaultMutableTreeNode currentNode, NodeUserObject userObject) { DefaultMutableTreeNode result = null; if (currentNode.isLeaf()) { if (currentNode.getUserObject().equals(userObject)) result = currentNode; } Enumeration enumer = currentNode.children(); while (enumer.hasMoreElements()) { result ...

60. Limiting Drap and Drop?    icefaces.org

Hi. I found out that the Drag and Drop API of Scriptaculous has a Snap-Option which allows to snap dragging content to a lets say 20x20 grid. Not exactly what i was searching for... It should be possible by registering listeners on the drag- resp. drop-events. But I dont know how to handle that by using managed bean methods, because i ...

61. Drag and drop    icefaces.org

62. Drag'n Drop    icefaces.org

Hi, I have one question on drag'n drop, I wish that when I move a panelGroup, it remains the position where I had been when I reload the session. In fact, when I put that draggable = "true" for a panelGroup in the same session, he will remain in the position where it was deposited but if I reload the session, ...

63. Drag and Drop not calculating the X,Y offset properly in IE 6,7 (1.6.2 was working fine)    icefaces.org

In IE6/7, when the div(panelGroup) is dragged(div is nested and quite complex UI strutcture), the ghost is displayed far below from the actual location, exactly the same as this issue(but my application is not portlet, it is pure facelets JSF 1.2 app): http://jira.icefaces.org/browse/ICE-2644 My application was working fine in IceFaces 1.6.2. This issue appeared after upgrading IceFaces to 1.7. However firefox ...

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67. Draggable panel inside drop target won't drag    icefaces.org

Hello, I'm playing with the drag-and-drop functionality, and I'm having an issue with draggable panels inside panels marked as drop targets. I need two or more zones that can receive drops. These zones each start out with lines of text that can be dragged and dropped into a different zone. It seems that whenever I set dropTarget="true" on the zones, then ...