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1. Implementation of project facet jst.icefaces could not be found. Functionality will be limited

I am getting the following error when trying to import a project in Eclipse:

Implementation of project facet jst.icefaces could not be found.
Functionality will be limited
This project uses ...

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3. Trouble Installing ICEFaces IDE for Eclipse 3.4 (Pulse2)

I'm having some trouble installing the ICEFaces IDE ( for Eclipse 3.4. I downloaded and extracted this .zip file from First of all, I installed Eclipse 3.4 via Pulse2 ( When I go to Help - [Pulse] Software Updates - Add/Remove Software, then click "Add Software", then "Add Locally", "Manage Sites", and try to add my local directory like so: ...

4. IceFaces 1.7.2sp1 + Eclipse 3.4.1 + Vista 64bits

Hi everyone! I just want to tell you that the last official version of Icefaces, 1.7.2 sp1 + Eclipse 3.4.1 + past ice faces eclipse plugin do not work with Vista 64bits environment. First problem is that the plugin do not create a project like it do on 32bits OS. The project is created without the correct libraries. The second problem ...

5. icefaces in eclipse

We got the icefaces running in eclipse after rewriting alot of code... but we got a pretty anoying featur in eclipse where I wonder if I can shut it off.. when I debug in eclipse, it goes trough all the code even trough code that I didn't write myself, like in netbeans it only debugs trough written code and not trough ...

9. If I download the icefaces eclipse plug in, do I still need to dl icefaces binary?

I seem to be missing some needed JARs after just downloading the eclipse plug in. DO i still need to download the binary zip file for IceFaces and then integrate it into eclipse? I had assumed that is what the plug in was for. I have downloaded and unzipped the binary files just in case, but I am not sure how ...

12. i don't found xmlhttp carpet with Eclipse

This is not a problem. ICEfaces css themes are inside icefaces.jar. Previously due to the limitation in Eclipse WTP JSF designer, xmlhttp/css/* had to be explicitly placed under webcontent and this is why you may have seen it under webcontent, which caused confusion. In Eclipse Galileo such as capability is provided and xmlhttp directory is not necessary in user's project any ...

13. Error on eclipse project

14. Error on eclipse project

15. Error on eclipse project

16. eclipse content-assist hangs on jsf

Has anyone else seen the eclipse JSF editor hang like crazy when you use the content assist (ctrl-space) to list the methods of a bean? It doesn't matter if I have the ice eclipse plugin installed or not, so it must be a core eclipse/jsf thing. On eclipse 3.3, it works fine. On 3.4 or 3.5 when I hit ctrl-space, the ...

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18. Problemas con Ice 2.0 en eclipse 3.6

19. How to compile sources for Icefaces 1.8.2a on Eclipse

I have open eclipse and create a new project from existing "ant file" and eclipse show a list dialog with 4 choices: 1) compile, compile15, jsf12,jsf2. I choice compile15 and eclipse add the new project to my workspace. After the built,there is some errors because the src contains wrong imports as: " import javax.faces.context.Flash; import javax.faces.context.PartialViewContext; " why this? How can ...

20. Creating ICEFaces Project in Eclipse

21. eclipse and icefaces

22. Eclipse Helios Project Facets error

I have installed ICEfaces 2 on Eclipse Helios (3.6). I created a new project and have been able to get the test page to appear on glassfish within Eclipse. The problem is when I go to Project Facets -> ICEfaces an error appears "The currently displayed page contains invalid values". I can on occasion get eclipse to render that facet and ...

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