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I am using icefaces when I enter arabic value I get some strange value like ????? on bean.

<ice:inputTextarea id="content" cols="30" rows="7"

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Hi knehez, by creating a local redirecting servlet, you are basically using externalContext.displatch to forward to the redirecting servlet and placing the redirecting url into the request object then manipulate the encoding and use httpResponse.sendRedirect to redirect the modified url? I am having the same issue and it is very frustrating. if you don't mind posting your code that would be ...

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Problem with label attribute value encoding. I have specified label attribute value in russian (UTF8) but I don't see the correct button label when the form was shown first time. After upload file the the button label label has become right, but iframe width still incorrect My environment is Ice faces 1.8 LifeRay 5.2.2 @ GF v2.1

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characters seem to be encoded in an unpredictable manner. In my case sometimes the page will display accented chars (in my language there're a lot of words with accented chars) properly sometimes it won't. There seems to be no logic behind this behaviour. How can i grant the right encoding to be used consistently? I'm already declaring on each page both ...