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This is my first time I work on JSF and happens a strange things. I'm using JSF with the xhtml file (hopes this information help to solve it), I have a ice:dataTable ...

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Hello, I wanted to define a style for rows in a dataTable according a row value. I wonder if it's possible ? In tag library documentation, only a set of style applied cyclically is mentionned. I know that is a pure-JSF question, but may be someone have already encountered this case. Thanks in advance Grald

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package MyPackage.Components; import javax.faces.component.FacesComponent; import javax.faces.component.NamingContainer; import javax.faces.component.UIInput; import javax.faces.event.ActionEvent; @FacesComponent(value = "example") public class ExampleComponent extends UIInput implements NamingContainer { private String label = "TestLink"; public String getFamily() { return "javax.faces.NamingContainer"; } public void testAction(ActionEvent actionEvent) { System.out.println("testAction"); } public void setLabel(String label) { this.label = label; } public String getLabel() { return label; } }

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