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I'm creating a "big" form with a lot of input fields. To make things easier I tried to create a facelet componente which encapsulates the code for creating a table with two ...

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I'm having problems with creating a Facelet Composition Control (= custom tag). That's the component's template (numberinput.jspx). I declared the in my custom-taglib.xml. So far the inclusion works using this code:

<ft:numberInput ...

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I created a Facelet tag for rendering a textinput with a label. That's very helpful when for avoiding repeating the same code over and over again. Though I'm struggling with handling different use ...

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I'm a very-beginner JSP/Facelets developer needing to create a new custom tag that extends the common ICEFaces's commandButton. I would like to be able to know how to pass the markup ...

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Hi greenhorns, I have been looking some tutorials on this issue but am not getting through.... can anyone please help?? I am trying to set up a custom JSF/IceFaces facelets component, and although following the steps in the official IceFaces guide (which must say is too basic and lacks many details) I don't get to render the tag, or only get ...

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<ui:insert name="title" />

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I need help to make ICEFaces facelet work with JBoss. I keep getting the error below. Even after following all dependencies as listed in the Developer's Guide. Source Document: jndi:/localhost/hyphenfinancial/WEB-INF/faces-config.xml Cause: Class 'com.icesoft.faces.facelets.D2DFaceletViewHandler' is missing a runtime dependency: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/facelets/impl/ResourceResolver Here is my web.xml: javax.faces.DEFAULT_SUFFIX .jsp facelets.DEVELOPMENT true com.sun.faces.validateXml false com.sun.faces.verifyObjects false

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I am trying to create a custom dataTable component which has pagination, as well as a selectOneMenu which allows the user to choose the number of rows per page. When I select a number from the dropdown, I need the rows attribute of the dataTable to be modified. The standard way to do this I believe is to bind both the ...

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Hello, I am just getting started with Icefaces, so please excuse me if this is documented elsewhere. It appears to me that Icefaces delivers its own facelets support in icefaces-facelets.jar rather than depend on the official facelets distribution. I am guessing that this is based on facelets 1.1. Is that correct? What changes have been made the requires a custom distribution? ...

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uploadPolitieController ro.ascenta.components.UploadController request renderManager #{renderManager} fileDescription Atasament de pe site-ul politiei caption Verificare pe site-ul Politiei Romne uploadMFController ro.ascenta.components.UploadController request renderManager #{renderManager} fileDescription Atasament de pe site-ul Ministerului de Finante caption Verificare pe site-ul Ministerului de Finante

33. facelet and custom tag problem    icefaces.org

Hi, we are trying to use our components by xhtml and facelets. So in web.xml we type this to locate our taglib.xml facelets.LIBRARIES /WEB-INF/facelet.taglib.xml facelet.taglib.xml includes http://www.sekerbilisim.com.tr/insurance/component inputDate2 tr.com.insurance.base.component.date.SBInputDate tr.com.insurance.base.component.date.SBInputDateRenderer com.icesoft.faces.component.facelets.IceComponentHandler in xhtml we call our tag like this this renders ice inputDate component, not ours. It does not ...

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