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1. javax.el.MethodNotFoundException with ace:fileEntry component

i am trying to use ace:fileEntry component to upload files but i am keep getting errors that action method doesn't exist here's what i am trying: 1- ace:fileEntry component


2. unable to make FileEntry component work

Santania Joined: 22/12/2010 01:53:33 Messages: 3 Offline Hi, I am trying to use the fileEntry component of icefaces for uploading a file in JSF2.0 and developed a sample application with the help of sample provided in the ace-showcase project in \samples\dist of icefaces RC1. Although the component is rendering but the file is not getting uploaded. In fact I have put ...

3. ace:fileEntry with JSF 2.0 and Liferay Portal

Hi, We are using ace:fileEntry with JSF 2.0 and Glassfish 2.1.1. It is working fine on thise environment. But when I shifted my code on with same JSF 2.0 and Glassfish 2.1.1 plus Liferay 6.0.4 environment we are getting exception ice:fileentry not found. we have plug-in of mojarra-2.0.2-FCS and portlet bridge 2.0.0 Beta2. Please let me know why we are facing ...

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7. ice:inputRichText causing ace:fileEntry not to work

@ManagedBean @SessionScoped public class Upload implements Serializable { public Upload() { } public synchronized void onNewFileUpload(FileEntryEvent event) { System.out.println("Uploaded new file!"); try { FileEntry fileEntry = (FileEntry) event.getSource(); FileEntryResults results = fileEntry.getResults(); for(FileEntryResults.FileInfo fileInfo : results.getFiles()) { if(fileInfo.isSaved()) { System.out.println("New file saved!"); } } } catch(Exception ex) { System.out.println("Could not build uploaded resource: " + ex.getMessage()); } } }

8. ace fileEntry tag not working

I am using ace:fileEntry tag to upload file from GUI. When I am trying to access the page directly from url (writing complete path) it is working ... but when same page is loaded using menu, it gives javascript error. Other pages from menu are working fine. Can any one help me on this?

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I am confused. Used to use:

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I have a test web-app with main facelet and two secondary facelets. Main facelet has a slot where one of secondary facelets may be inserted. Backing bean MainBean.getEmbeddedRendrable() method specifies which facelet it should be. There is a button which closes current embedded facelet. And there are two hyperlinks with which we can put one or another renderable object into slot. ...

16. fileEntry causes fails but opens another window

I'm trying to work with fileEntry component, it simply works great in my test project, but when adding the working elements into the application i get a new window open with "This XML does not appear to have..." error and this XML below:

'File Entry' has successfully uploaded 'Financial Product Lines.xlsx'

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