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1. Focus on Perticular raw of ice:datatable in JSF

I have one data table (ice:datatable) in which i set one list of object.i have one search criteria on particular i want to set focus on row in which searched ...

2. How to set focus of ICEFaces component after initial rendering?

I have a complex ICEFaces XHTML page that renders certain components conditionally, based on flags set as the user enters data on the page. What I'd like to do is direct ...

4. Set Focus

5. Form focus

7. Cannot set focus in popup window

8. how to use the focus - effect?

10. UPDATE: How to Make InputText Have Focus after Validation Error?

UPDATE: I found out how to get the IDs of the errored components in a phase listener. After that I do the following in the phase listener: JavascriptContext.addJavascriptCall( fc, "document.getElementById( '" + clientId + "' ).focus();" ); When the error occurs, I can see the focus go to the input text component with the error, then strangely, the focus jumps to ...

11. selectInputText loses focus

12. How to focus on next input field in a form

You can use the input element property tabIndex to let the browser know which field should be selected on a tab or shft-tab. You can also use a component binding and requestFocus() after a particular actionListener or valueChange event takes place. This will allow you to set focus on any input component on the page.

14. Question on focus management

Hello, I am writing a login page composed of: - an HtmlInputText for entering user name; - an HtmlInputSecret for entering the password; - an HtmlCommandButton for try to login. When the page appears, I would like to have the focus on the HtmlInputText. Then, when the user press the return key I would like to have the focus to the ...

15. Focus on component after validation failure

glen_jai wrote: Hi lightguard, Thanks for your help. The main problem though is getting a reference to the originating element from within the validator method. Any idea on how I can do that? Cheers, Glen You can use request focus from the backing bean, but I think from within a validator method it might be a bit trickier. I find ...

16. inputText loses focus when table updates

i have an inputText that is used to filter results in a table. this is done in the inputText's valueChangeListener method. the problem is that whenever the filter causes the contents of the table to change, the inputText loses focus. i've tried calling requestFocus() on the inputText and adding this.focus() to it's on* handlers. no effect. any ideas? thanks.

20. using valueChangeListener causes focus lost in ice:selectOneMenu

Hi, Even I have the same problem where the focus is being lost in the ice:selectOneMenu component. This situation is specific to IE and occurs when the partial submit from some other component occurs and the ice:selectOneMenu is the next component which will recieve the focus. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Dhanesh Malviya.

21. Set focus in Popup

22. focus component after validation

Hi, I have a question related to cursor / focus on next field after the validation message. In a scenario when a validation happens a message is displayed, once the data is fixed and it passes thru the validation the cursor doesn't go to next field, its lost somewhere and then we need to use mouse to focus on next field. ...

23. How to regain focus on particular ICE Face component after some validation

Hi all Gurus Consider code below: Once validated and shows show the error message, I would like to clear the input and move the focus back to the Input Text, any idea how I should achieve it? I have try to bind the inputText to a manageBean ...

24. How do I set focus in a field that the user typed wrong?

I have an "int" field that looks like this: ice:inputText styleClass="inputText" value="#{row.amount}" partialSubmit="true" style="width: 75px;" required="true"> If the user types nonnumeric characters into this field, I'd like to keep focus in the bad field instead of letting him advance to the next field. How do I force focus to stay in the bad field? Thanks, Eli

25. ice:inputText - Setting Focus

Hi, I am experiencing the following problem: I have a commandLink that when clicked enables a text area, however my problem is that I am unable to set the focus of the text area. Here is a sample of my code:

26. panelTabSet inside components focus

Hi!.. are there any way to set the focus to the first, or any component inside when the user select the tab ?... I tried by setFocus(true) method, in the tabChangeListener, but does not work... It like that just grab the focus the first focusable componente in the first tab, not in the others... thank you very much!

27. Focus Lost

28. Setting focus on inputText

Hello, I followed the tutorial on ICEfaces Focus Management API. The tutorial shows how to set the focus on a inputText field when the user select a value in a radio buttons group (actienEvent) in my case I want to set the focus when the foms loads. I tried to put the requestFocus() in the constructor of my backing bean but ...

30. The focus remains same on the selected page index when the paginated table is set for sorting

Hi, Here am facing a problem, The focus remains same on the selected page index even after the paginated table is set for sorting, it doesn't return back to the first page index. for example if we select the 2 page index and then if we sort the table by a ice:selectOneMenu item the page is not getting changed to 1, ...

31. focus in popup panel

32. Remove focus from Components

33. Input Validation and Field Focus

34. Widget focus problem when switching panels or pages

After some further testing, seems I get this type of problem outside of PanelStack. If I click a button on one .xhtml page, do some processing in my backing bean method, then return a navigation to a new .xhtml page to show the results, then I get the same error: [/code][window] Failed to set focus on [frmMain:updateButton] cannot find element with ...

35. Auto focus control on load

36. Focus management API seems broken

37. Cant place focus Issue until refresh

38. open new panel popup wih focus

39. Problem when attributing focus in an inputText when activating a panelPopup

Hello, I am not getting to attribute the focus to the inputText contained in the panelPopup when opening it. The focus continues underneath in the previous inputText of the panelPopup. I am using the requestFocus (), however it is not working. What should make? I thank the help at once. Emmanuel Ruiz Lopes

40. Data table, row selector, input text - Unable to focus in the text box

Hi, I am using a data table with a row selector, one of the column has a text box. Whenever the mouse is clicked in the text box for entering text, the row selector selection listener is called and focus moves out of the text box. I do not want to call selection listener when text box is clicked and want ...

41. focus in panel series

42. A solution to auto focus on page load

43. Popup Window Focus with MSIE

46. Failed to set focus on Firefox

48. problem getting componet focus on page load

Ok, I ran across a post (of course I can't find it now) which mentioned something like that when using the JSF navigation to go to a page, that any javascript you added for that page will not work. Bottom line, what I am trying to do is when I navigate to a page, I want focus to be on a ...

49. Failed to set focus... swf

51. Issue with focus api and page load and focus on an inputtext field

I don't know how I must use the focus api to put the focus onto an inputtext field after a fresh page load. The page has a menu and several input fields. Currently the focus seems to be on the menu (invisible). If I use the tab key then the focus is on the input text field. How can I focus ...

52. Disable auto focus dynamically

53. Auto lost the user focused component

54. Focus for new row in a dataTable

57. Default focus for the controls

58. default focus on inputfile Component

59. Focus in Popup for ice:inputFile

60. Navigation and Focus

61. How to keep the focus in a dynamic table?

Hello, Firstly, I ask forgiveness because my level of English is not very good but I will try to explain what is my problem. I have a dataTable whose rows are invoice lines and each column has an inputText (columns: Description | Amount | Price | Total). When the user want to create a new invoice, the table has only one ...

62. How to set initial focus?

63. How to set initial focus?

64. [Address Demo] Why do error messagges disappear when i move focus to another field?

Hello, Could be two things: 1. Since ICEfaces 1.7.0 the error messages associated with any components that are in an invalid state are maintained / displayed even if you partial-submit another component. Prior to 1.7.0, the only the error messages for the current component would be displayed. So make sure you're running 1.7.0 or 1.7.1. 2. Also, the Address demo uses ...

65. Focus management

66. panelPopUp with partialSubmit focus is lost in Internet Explorer

Hi ! In our application we have a few panelPopUp with input fields. The form surrounding the panelPopup have partialSubmit set to true. The problem when using Internet Explorer is that when we tab to a next field, there's a partial submit that occurs (from the onBlur event of previous field) when the partial submit completes the loss of focus prevent ...

67. Focus gets lost

public class TestFocus { String value1, value2; public String getValue1() { return value1; } public void setValue1(String value1) { this.value1 = value1; } public String getValue2() { return value2; } public void setValue2(String value2) { this.value2 = value2; } public boolean isValid() { return value1 != null && value2 != null && value1.length() > 0 && value2.length() > 0; } } ...

69. Any way to control the focus from one imputtext to another at client side

Im trying to move the focus from one inputText to another when the first one reach the maxlength. Any time a key is pressed i got a javascript function that checks if the maxlenght is reached in order to set the focus to the next inputText. Everything works fine until i try to set the focus to the second field using ...

70. How to focus the button

71. Focusing Button