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1. Icefaces graphicImage supported filetypes

Which image filetypes are supported when you pass through a byte[]?

2. partialSubmit with graphicImage not working?

I have a simple page, implementing a password input field with strength analysis. I'm usign Ice-faces 1.8.2. I set the partialSubmit property of password input field to display password strength:

<ice:inputSecret redisplay="true" partialSubmit="true" ...

4. graphicImage vs woodstock image

5. selectOneRadio with graphicImage and label?

Hello I need to display a radioButton with a following image and a label. But i could not make it work to select the radio button when clicking on the label. images = new ArrayList(); File dir = new File(path+"/images"); String[] chld = dir.list(); ...

9. graphicimage, dynamic image not refreshing

We fixed a memory leak in 1.8.2, so regardless of number of images get served would be served by one resource only. To let the browser know when to request a new image we pass the hashCode of the contents of the image. In graphicImage case its the hashcode of the byte[]. So its in the control of the application. Don't ...

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13. ice:graphicImage updating

14. graphicImage update automatically?

16. ice:graphicImage not updating on panelSeries

Hi, I have a problem when using the ice:graphicImage component in a panlSeties. The problem is that when we get diferent information for showing in the ice:panelSeries rows, the images (managed as byte[]) in the ice:graphicImage are not updated or are mixed up with the previous images. Is there a way to force the updating on the ice:graphicImage component? Im workin ...

17. help with GraphicImage and byte[]

18. ice:graphicImage Refresh Problem

20. Issue Rendering Image in GraphicImage

Hello everybody.... Have some issues by rendering the image for the component GraphicImage am using the value to set a byte array which comes from the DB, it works fine it shows the image but the issue comes whenever i call the page from an HTML Frame which displays it onto the target. im going to explain the behavior : the ...

21. ice:graphicImage and byte[] or serializable

Sorry I have problem, in my old application I was using ibm jsf now I am migrating with ice, I have problems with image, in some table there are images loaded from byte[] (originally blob field in DB), but anyway the bean field is a byte[]. with IBM framework provide that image value can be a serializable, with ice:graphicImage how can ...

22. ice:graphicImage without any distance

23. Refresh graphicImage after upload

24. graphicImage update

25.  gives an auto new line after image?

26. Help in ice:graphicImage

27. Probleme with attribute "visible" in ice:GraphicImage

Hi, But you can prevent passing to the next view when you click on a button. As I understand you have 2 buttons on your form. 1st which submits the form and passes the user to the next page 2nd shows the picture on the same page Do you use Seam/IceFaces or only IceFaces ? Georges Goebel

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