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Hi again, I found it, it's explained in the icefaces component docs. For anyone who has the same problem, here's a starting examle: ...... ...

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Please take a look at the attachment. I want to render dynamically some checkboxes for each row, followed by the fieldname of a query. So i was using the component for render the checkboxes and the component for the rest. My problem is that the header for the checkboxes are not rendered and i do not know why. I ...

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When I use the regular ice:column tag, headers and footers default to the appropriate style classes iceDatTblColHdr and iceDatTblColFtr. If I use the ice:columns tag, however, both the header and the footer get the iceDatTblColHdr class. If I use the datatable's "headerClasses" attribute, the footer gets these styles as well. Why is this? Shouldn't the footer style be separate from the ...

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Hello, i'm not sure if it is possible, but I have to create dynamic table depending on datas in database. That table can have onelevel or multilevel header and i have no idea how to do this in icefaces. I know about existing element , but when I build page a can't say tipe and level of header. Please, can someone ...

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Thanks Arran, but maybe my problem is different...all my table has dynamic columns so I'm not able to define for each table the exact width. I try with attribute scrollable="true" but the result on firefox is awful. Each header cell has different width not synchronized with the content as you tell me This is the tag I made for table: Code: ...

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Newbie question here. I have been looking on the forums for a couple of days and have found some direction, but I would like to verify a solid answer. I have a requirement to use a dataTable with some fairly large and complex detail in each row. Actually each row of the table contains multiple "lines" of data so I want ...

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Hi. I'm testing Icefaces 1.5.2 with faceletes and run into a minor issue. When I navigate from one page to another I noticed that the HTML header is not refreshed (i.e. it's eaxactly the same as the header of the originating page). If I click browser's refresh button after that, then header is updated. Did anybody saw this issue? The problem ...

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I am trying to figure out how to use Collapsible panel, everything works but the header does not show the way I want it. I want to look like the example at http://component-showcase.icefaces.org/component-showcase/ but all I get is just white header just like the body of the panel. Can some one show me how to create the header of the collapsible ...

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Hi, I don't think it is tha easy. Each component has one or more default style classes. In ICEFaces documentation you can find the names of those that style table headers. The you can override defaults by redefining thos styles in your css file to have it application wide (All tables in your app tha uses your css file, or just ...

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Hi all, I want to have some ice:commandLink on my panelCollapsible header. I've added them very easily, but when clicked they open/close my panelCollapsible too. That's not the way I want them to work... panelCollapsible must expand/collapse only if I click on it, and not on the buttons on his header. Is there a workaround for that? kind regards,

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I'm trying to create a table dynamically as follows: public static HtmlDataTable createTestDataTable(String tableId, DataModel colModel, DataModel rowModel) { HtmlDataTable dataTable = new HtmlDataTable(); dataTable.setWidth("100%"); dataTable.setBorder(1); dataTable.setVar("row"); dataTable.setRendered(true); dataTable.setId(tableId); dataTable.setValue(rowModel); UIColumns columns = new UIColumns(); columns.setId("uiColumnsID"); ValueBinding columnsVB = app.createValueBinding("#{backing.colModel}"); columns.setValueBinding("value", columnsVB); columns.setVar("header"); Map facets = columns.getFacets(); HtmlOutputText colHeader = new HtmlOutputText(); ValueBinding vb = app.createValueBinding("#{header}"); colHeader.setValueBinding("value", vb); facets.put("header", colHeader); ...