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3. Disabling Heartbeat    icefaces.org

Hi there Is there any reason to use the heart beat monitoring if we are not using AJAX push. We are using Single Sign On (with Sun Access Manager) on our Application. For every request to our application, the policy agent is making a call to the Identity Manager to verify the session. We are trying to reduce the number of ...

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Here is an example of history of firebug when webApp is deployed on "/" [window.stateMon] Checking [0] monitors icefaces-d2d.js (ligne 1306) [window.stateMon] Rebuilding Monitors [0] icefaces-d2d.js (ligne 1306) [window.stateMon] Rebuilding Monitors [0] icefaces-d2d.js (ligne 1306) [window.ZrSr#1.async-connection] asynchronous mode icefaces-d2d.js (ligne 1308) [window.ZrSr#1] bridge loaded! icefaces-d2d.js (ligne 1308) [window.ZrSr#1.async-connection.heartbeat] heartbeat started icefaces-d2d.js (ligne 1308) [window.ZrSr#1.async-connection] closing previous connection... icefaces-d2d.js (ligne 1306) [window.ZrSr#1.async-connection] ...