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3. unable to highlight the selected row in the datatable    icefaces.org

If you use Eclipse and start to type styleClass in either one of the two components and use the intellisense, it shows you the names of the default icefaces classnames. These are for : Default value is iceRowSel: - iceRowSelMouseOver - iceRowSelSelected - iceRowSelSelectedMouseOver And for ice datatable: - iceDatTbl - iceDatTblCol - iceDatTblCol1 - iceDatTblCol2 - iceDatTblColHdr - iceDatTblColHdr1 - ...

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I am attempting to highlight an outputtext when its value is changed (in my case, the value is a total of the other cells in the table row.) So basically, when I click on one of the buttons in the table, on a given row, I want the outputtext in the last column to light up for a second so you ...

10. SelectInputDate Highlight different/specific dates    icefaces.org

Hi, sorry to post so late but this seems to be an open issue that fits this thread so, I see how you can use 'highlightUnit' DAY_OF_YEAR with 'highlightValue's of "1, 13, 45, 67, ...". This seems to work fine. What we cannot seem to get to work is the 'highlightUnit' DATE with 'highlightValue's "2010/01/01, 2010/01/13, ..." For our application the ...

12. How to highlight today's date and block future dates in Calendar?    icefaces.org

There is probably a better way to do it ( I'm a beginner ), but here is how I did it: In my backing bean I added: public void validateBirthday( FacesContext context, UIComponent validate, Object value ) { Date birthday = ( Date ...

13. highlight date without repeating it    icefaces.org

Hi everybody, I got a problem with the calender component. I want to highlight a particulare date within the calender. This can be done with : 1. highlightClass 2. highlightUnit 3. highlightValue The PROBLEM is that the highlighted date will be repeated every year! So what can i do that a particular date really belongs to the year and wont be ...

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20. Is it possible to highlight or underling text in an existing pdf?    icefaces.org

The viewer RI has support for editing and adding link annotations to a document. The altered document can be saved as needed. We have several examples of how to automate this process in the bundles examples/annotation/ folder. In PDF terms you want to create a highlight annotation and then save the changes. ICEpdf can render highlight annotations but at this time ...

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22. Highlight Effect on Table Row    icefaces.org

Hi, Can anyone tell me if it is possible to highlight a row in a table after an update? I have a simple CRUD page that performs all actions and i'd like to highlight the row that has just been updated. Any ideas? To further complicate matters, I'm using Seam. Cheers, Damian.

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Hi all First of all thanks for all replays u will post Ok, i have a problem with highlight effect cause i need to apply it when an outputtext changes and i cant get it. Now i have this code: Where effectBean.getHighlight creates the new highlight effect. But onchange, and onmouseover, ...

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